Eifood   Featured

Improve and Enhance Vision.

Eifood (1.5g x 30 sachets) 


  • Increase skin moisture and elasticity.
  • Enhance skin natural antioxidant defense system, anti-allergy.
  • Eliminate various skin diseases.
  • Improve microcirculation.
  • Anti-oxidant function to help detoxification.


People who need to take Eifood:

  • Adult and children with myopia.
  • Contact lenses users.
  • Retinopathy patients.
  • People working for long working in front of the computer.
  • Long-term or intermittent night shift workers.
  • Driving for long hours (taxi or van drivers)
  • Elderly with blurred vision, Glaring epiphora, Presbyopia, Vision loss, Floaters, Dry eyes, Glaucoma, High intraocular pressure, Macular lesion etc.
  • Patients with photophobia.