Ultra Essence Magical Box
Ultra Essence Magical Box   Featured
5 Fragrances in a box, 3 Types of series


4 in 1 function suitable for all

* Suitable for people that prefer easy & simple maintenance care, frequent travelers, holidaymakers, night owl & under stress people

1) Whitening Anti-aging Essence
2) Massage Cream
3) Protective Cream
4) Pressure relieve cream, give you a new way of living


Ultra Essence Magical Box 6 Features

1) Switch Mood

    * Snow White Essence: Sweet Sweet
    * Ultra Moist Essence: Fresh and elegant
    * Comfort Nourishing Essence: Diffuse charm

2) Super Hydrating

    * Supply the skin with plenty of water, super hydrating for long-lasting hydration

3) Long-lasting Water Lock

     * Super lock water to maintain skin's water retention and defense

4) Whitening and Skin Rejuvenation

     * Lighten spots, whiten skin, prevent dark spots

5) Bouncing Elasticity

     * Reproduce delicate skin and anti-aging

6) Recovery

     * Stimulates the energy of skin cells to help healing, protect and regenerate