UV Protection Intensive Essence Cream
UV Protection Intensive Essence Cream   Featured
Waterproof, oil-absorbent, sweat does not take off makeup, effectively refracts UV, prevents ultraviolet damage.


UV Protection Intensive Essence Cream (50ml)


Suitable for :

Non-sticky, suitable for all skin types.

Special features :

Protective, double layer protects skin from damage.

Main ingredient :

German patented sebum biomimetic complex (Sk-influx), French patented
biosaccharide gum (Rhamnosoft-HP), chlorella extract (Goldella), hyaluronic acid.



Every day 30 minutes before going out, take an appropriate amount and pump 2 times CDF
UV Protection Intensive Cream on the hand, and apply with the fingertips on
the forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose, chin and neck
Gently smooth along the texture of the skin and pat the entire face until absorbed.