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Shake flavours include Chocolate (LF), Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange (LF), Cappuccino (LF), Vanilla (LF), Strawberry, Banana,Toffee & Walnut.

* Some flavours are available as lactose-free (LF) options.

Cambridge Weight Plan (21's x 54g)

1 .

Scientifically proven safe and effective weight loss.


Scientifically proven stable weight maintenance.

3 .

Scientifically proven therapeutic benefit in osteoarthritis (OA) and sleep apnoea (OSA) treatment.

4 .

Improved nutritional status to provide nutritional supplement and health maintenance.

5 .

Smaller than expected losses of lean tissue during weight loss.

6 .

CWP has been continuously updated with latest medical technology and together with efforts from various world-renowned School of Medicine, have released its report on the safety and efficacy of CWP for more than 20 years.



Easy Preparation - Tasty and delicious (200 kcal)

Using : Cold or Hot (not boiling) water