Outstanding Social Media Presence Award 2023-07-01
我们是2023杰出社交媒体影响力奖 Outstanding Social Media Presence Award
On behalf of Netturul's Board of Directors , we would like to express our gratitude & appreciation to Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA) to present the Outstanding Social Media Presence Award to Netturul Resources Sdn Bhd on MDDA 30th Annivesary and inaugural Grand Award Recognition held on 24 June 2023 at The EQ Hotel.
This recognition is a beacon for us , demonstrating the remarkable pinnacle that can be reached with enthusiasm & determination.
In Direct Selling business, people are the pillars of the business , connects people from all walk of life .
The same principle goes for social media platform as a tool to connect people.
We are indeed proud to be recognised for The Outstanding Social Media Presence .
This recognition has given us the confidence & affirmation that all these years we are doing the things right to use social media as a digital tool , creatively to share our 3P (people, product & plan) marketing contents to engage & to connect to a wider range of customer base.
Last but not lease my sincere thanks to MDDA 's panel judges to present this award.
我们谨代表 Netturul 董事会,向马来西亚直接分销协会 (MDDA) 表示感谢和认同,在 6月24号MDDA 30 周年纪念日举行的首届大奖颁奖典礼上,向 Netturul Resources Sdn Bhd 颁发杰出社交媒体影响力奖
这种认可给了我们信心和肯定,多年来我们正确地使用社交媒体作为沟通交流传播正能量,创造性地分享我们的 3P(人员、产品和计划)营销内容,吸引和连接更广泛的客户群范围。
衷心感谢 MDDA 评审团颁发此奖项。