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 Lea Chia Yen


No runny nose when meeting up with customer, finally able to sleep through the night!

Since childhood I was easily caught cold and flu, cough, sensitive nose, always in the state of uneasiness. Such conditions had caused disturbance to my adult’s life. I am unable to sleep soundly in the night, even sometimes I need double pillow stack up to fall asleep.


I often sneeze and with runny nose during meeting with customer. I have to go to washroom very often to clear my nasal drainage. Such action has damped my energy and image. During bad weather or air conditioning is too cold and poor diet has caused pains and swollen to my nose. I am very upset! 


After several medical check up, doctor said it is sinusitis. Doctor prescribed some steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs to ease my pain, swelling and inflammation. The medications given are to control and to prevent deterioration. I know I have my health in risk should I depend on such drugs for a long-term.


JN mentioned HDT 365 can help me to resolve this problem. I tried and noticed that I have discharged a lot of snot and phlegm, after that my nose is more soothing.


I am blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to use HDT 365 as treatment. I am free from medication after 3 months of treatment with HDT 365. I am joyful to have met up with my customers at work without running nose. I am able to upkeep my elegant image and no longer being embarrassed. I am grateful to Netturul to be an endorser of this therapy product.



Yap Bee Lee


20 years sensitive nose problem has improved, sinusitis without surgery!

My nose has been hypersensitivity more than 20 years, especially prone to dust, air conditioners, perfumes and fragrances, even paints. When came in contact with the mentioned conditions, I started to sneeze non-stop led to inflamed and swelling nose, runny nose and tears. The doctor said I was suffering from sinusitis. He recommended me to do a surgery, finally I refused.


After the doctor prescribed Afrim Nasal spray, after numerous spray, it did not improve. I choose to use Cambridge Weight Plan to do 3 days of detoxification, consume some vitamins as well as apply Natural Essence ENT on both sides of the nose. Gently press, rub the nose and massage the ears till hot. This helps and reduces the sensitivity of the nose.  


During HDT training, my nose started to get sensitive due to air-conditoning. JN took HDT 365 poured a few drops in my palm. After Inhaled for twice only, my nose clear instantly.


When I have stuffy nose, I use HDT 365, it is effective to clear the nose instantly. I also use electronic essential oils lights, its effect is more durable. HDT 365 helps to improve the sensitivity of my nose problem, the effect is very good. Apply day and night continuously for 3-6 months to achieve more effective result.


My daughter had stuffy nose due to colds, but her problem had resolved after 2 days by using HDT 365 twice in a day! Now my daughter carry HDT 365 with her. Thank you, JN!