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Ahmad Damanhuri Abdul Rahim

Before weight : 108g

Current weight : 80kg

Year: 2015



Ferlicer Eng Suat Lan 


Here are his brief story & health improvement:

1) No more Knee Osteoastritis, 

2) No more Obstrutctive Sleep Apnea

3) Most important is i could undergo surgery for internal bleeding in April 2016. Found tumour in duodenum through scope.

Luckily i am thin, my slim down body size helped me with handling the extreme blood loss.




Mona lisa Mohamed Nazlan

Before weight : 114kg

Current weight : 63kg

Year: 2014



Catherine Wong Siew Ying 


Menghapi dilemma berbadan besar dengan masalah kesihatan sampingan sentiasa membuatkan diri seseorang bertambah gusar. Semangat untuk mengurangkan berat badan sentiasa membuak-buak ditambah pula dengan lambakan produk pelangsing badan di pasaran. Sebelum ini my berat saya 65kg, Saya sudah cuba pelbagi produk langsing di pasaran tetapi tidak berjaya. Perasaan yang hilang kayakinan diri dan mulai risau kepada bentuk badan yang besar dan kesusutan kesihatan.


Pada suatu hari kawan saya memperkrnalkan saya dengan Produck kesihatan Cambridge Weight Plan dan konsultantnya Catherine Wong. Selepas ukur dan timbang, akhirnya saya tahu jikalau hendak mendapatkan berat badan yang ideal, haruslah pilih cara pengurusan berat badan yang betul. Saya bermula cambrige programme dengan sole source selama 2 minggu. Iaitu dengan harian pengantian makanan dengan CWP.


Saya dapat rasa badan saya ringan dan segar selepas 2mingu sole source. Berat badan saya turun sebanyak 4 kg. saya sangat happy kerana memang dapat result yang cepat.


Dalam masa 1 bulan setengah berat saya turun jumlah sebanyak 10kg, iaitu my ideal weight 55kg. Selepas berat saya capai saya berteruskan dengan programm maintenance iaitu dengan satu paket sehari sahaja (step 5).

Sebelum ini saya selalu cepat rasa letih dan mengantuk. Buat kerje sikit pun sudah rasa penat. Bila malam tidur pun tak nyenyak. Selepas saya ambil cambrige semua masalah saya hilang semua.




Mas Budi Zakaria

Before weight : 114kg

Current weight : 63kg

Year: 2014


Consultant: Zuliatini Binti Mohammad Joni


My name is Mas Budi Zakaria (40 years old). I am a GP from Klinik AsSyifa, in Kemaman Terengganu. Let the photo talks about my story, and I share my experience in points:

-  Started weight gain during working life.

-  From 70 kg (teenager) increased to 114 kg at young age.

-  Known case of bilateral chronic tonsilitis associated with SNORING since teenager.

-  SNORING became worsened with weight gain then developed sleep apnoea (affected

   daily routine activity as a medical doctor in government hospital).

-  Sleep study done in 2006 revealed very bad result and I was on CPAP for 1 year

   (2006 - 2007).

-  Tonsilectomy done in 2007 but sleep apnoea partially resolved post operation then

   decided to resign as medical doctor in government sector.

-  When I obese, I got exercise induced asthma. I cannot run more than

   800-1000meters due to asthmatic attack during exercise.


  • Regarding medical pb: elevated fasting total cholesterol level (almost 6mmol/L) need to  be worry because I have familyhistory of hypercholestrol & diabetes mellitus
  • Other medical pb: borderline hypertension (bp 140/90)& mild knee and ankle pain & backache due to obesity.
  • In June 2012 - December  2012 (37 y.o) started CWP (I met Cambridge Weight Plan in Medical Terengganu Update in 2002, encouraged by my friend & after body fat screening & explanation by the CWP Consultant Zuliatini Joni, I have started the program. During Zuliatini’s consultation, I also was encouraged to start the program by a friend of mine in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, – Dr. Wan Razin to lose weight using CWP.
  • I chose to do Step 1 which is taking 4’s CWP daily. Reduced 40 kg/6 mths (114 kg to 74 kg)
  • Then reduced another 11 kg (3- 4 mth) with healthy life style   (low carbo diet & regular exercise)
  • To comply with new lifestyle, I thankful my wife, Mazita Mahmud for her fully support along my health journey.
  • Total reduced weight now is:  51 kg, with my height is 1.78meters and my BMI now is: 19.9
  • Shirt from 4 XL to XL or L
  • Pants from 44 inch to 32 inch
  • Current body wt fluctuate 63 kg - 65 kg.
  • Jogging /running 5x/wk ~ 1 hr ~ (8-10-21 km per session). 
  • Joined half marathon 21 km few times. 
  • Will join full marathon 42 km soon.
  • Currently all medical pb including sleep apnoea completely resolved.
  • Current bp 110/60.


Now I promote my pt to choose CWP for weight reduction programme under my consultation in my private clinic. One of them is my youngest brother, Anaz bin Zakaria (17 y.o male), so far reduced 27 kg in 3 mths.