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Nurbaiti Binti Md Issa

Before weight : 92kg

Current weight : 60kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Catherine Wong


I’m only can remember being overweight most of my school time and it made me less confidence to be active in any sports activities. But during my working time, my body weight had stabilized but still overweight, and I lead an active life.


Later, I'm married to someone who loves food, gained more weight when I took contraceptive pills for our 1st year family planning, and continued gaining weight after I gave birth to my 1st daughter. I love traveling so much (working or leisure)  but at that time, economy class seat nearly can't fit me. I started become unhappy with myself especially when I took a look at all pictures taken, and wondering "how I let myself get this big?". My father died because of heart complication, and he got diabetic and hypertension too. When I started to feel unhealthy, my ankle started to feel pain, back pain, hormone imbalance I knew that I need to find solution for my obese problem. I've tried few types of diet pills but none of them successfully bring my weight down.

I started my weight loss journey in July 2015 with the help of Cambridge Consultant, Catherine Wong, who had been supporting me with my eating habit and my mindset about healthy body through healthy eating. Weight fell off me after few weeks and after my first 10kg, I began to notice how people were treating me differently. And it's so amazing ‎feeling to slip into an outfit I never imagine to wear, go out with confident. 
The more weight came off, the more I started to feel like new me. 


Cambridge Weight Plan completely gave me a new life. 2016 is shaping up to be the best year of my life. 




Nur Afiqah Mohammad

Before weight : 81.3kg

Current weight : 65kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Catherine Wong


Before Cambridge

  • There are times when I stepped on a scale, I experience a wave of emotion and my brain went into overdrive. Thinking of what did I eat that cause that kind of heavy burden on the scale. I start questioning myself then in the end I keep on saying that I will be ok. Oh well, the negotiation begins then. I still with my over-eating, no exercise lifestyle.
  • My teenage life was all about staying up late either to study, surfing the internet or watching movies & football. Midnight snack is a must or else I will end up starving and couldn’t sleep at all after that. If I was home, I will stock up the fridge with bunch of process food; nugget, burger and all other unhealthy stuff. If I was in college, I will buy some food earlier in the evening together with dinner. It could be burger, waffle or even nasi lemak sometime. Additional to that, teh ais with almost every meal.
  • I am always a person who enjoys all those recreational & sports activities. Been involved in sport since primary school till university time. During my university time, I played futsal, participated in several tournaments.  I cherish all those moment a lot but I actually disappointed with myself. Why? With extra fat around your body, you really could move as smooth & swift as other which actually reduced your effectiveness in a match. It’s frustrating, really. But still, I keep on eating and eating without much exercise. I hate jogging because I feel like running with excessive fat all over me is humiliating & yes I couldn’t even keep on running for more than 200m that time. Thus, I spent most of my evening either in the cafeteria, eating or in my room, sleeping.
  • Every time after a day enjoying futsal, my knee will definitely cause me trouble and discomfort. Its not a serious pain but to experience knee problem at the age of 22 is not good obviously. It’s terrifying to even think about that.


Why Cambridge?

  • When did I decide to turn my life 180°? When I stepped on the scale and realized that my VFA level is terribly high, 15.5. I was afraid to imagine how my future will be. I could end up bedridden in a hospital and being a burden to my family, even though they might never think me as one. It made me realized that I need to do something as soon as possible.
  • After being introduced to CWP products, I studied the products online first, do all the research I could because I need to know whether it worth the money or not. With all the good testimonies and articles, I decided to buy the first set.
  • Now I could say it is all worth it. Cambridge is not just a meal supplement but it a lifestyle. It helps me to change to myself from an overweight couch potato to a health conscious and healthy person.


After Cambridge

  • I learn to appreciate healthy lifestyle more & even more conscious on what I put in my mouth.  I am not afraid to step foot on the scale anymore, at least if I gain weight I could quickly try to lose weight immediately
  • No more midnight snack. My last meal of the day will be Cambridge drink. Even on the day where I decided to enjoy food, I will make sure I won’t be eating anything after 8pm or for hours before my sleep time. And yes, I enjoy drinking plain water nowadays. I avoid drinking Starbucks frappucino, teh ais or any sweet drink. If I crave for coffee so badly I will go with black coffee without sugar. It’s a good decision after all
  • After losing a few kg, I started going for jogging after work anf in the weekend. Slow but consistent.  From only being able to run 200m nonstop, nowadays I could run almost 1.5km without stopping and walking in the middle. I even participated in a 5km run recently. Never in my life would I imagine of joining such running event. I feel great and yes, very refreshing to have this kind of great lifestyle.
  • Knee problem? Getting better by day, or else I won’t be able to comple a 5km run. I’m happy!




Wang Lin Ling

Before weight : 92kg

Current weight : 64kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Siah Tiong Kiat


My weight lose journey can be described as a challenging and bittersweet at the same time. Like many individuals out there, I was an emotional eater. Food seems to bring me a calming effect in times of work stress and happiness in times of sadness. Because of this, it resulted me of becoming 92kg. The moment I saw that number on the scale it, it was a scary moment for me. That’s when I decided that I needed to do something.


I came across Cambridge Weight Plan when I attended a Medical Roadshow organized by our National Diabetes Institute that was held in one of our local shopping mall. I would say it was fated for me to walk into the event. I met my consultant during the road show and he guided me on the process professionally. Once I have tasted the product during the event, I knew this was the product that I can loose weight with. Along with the support of my consultant, friends and family I manage to achieve my current reduced weight of 64kgs.


I have gained back my self confidence, a NEW and HEALTHY self. NO more monthly period cramps, NO more frequent joint pains after a short walk, NO more frequent headaches and rashes, no more binging on food and NO MORE inconsistent weight to worry about and most importantly NO more seizures attack. Cambridge Weight Plan transformed my life positively and I want to spread the goodness of CWP to others so that they will know there is Hope to Achieve a Better & Healthy Lifestyle.


A big sincere thank you to my Consultant Siah Tiong Kiat & Cambridge Weight Plan.  




Low Soo Jin

Before weight : 63.5kg

Current weight : 56kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Siah Tiong Kiat


Since my adolescence years, my weight has always been an issue whereby few months in a year I manage to look ‘slim’ while some other months my weight will shot up. After few doctors consultation and with my pimple outbreaks, it is definite that I am having hormonal imbalance issues which caused me to have water retention problem and ongoing acne problems. Someday, I am so frustrated that I told my friends I can even gain weight by breathing.


Each individual experience hormonal imbalance, will understand how frustrating is to see pimple outbreak daily on the face, water retention,unexplainable sudden weight gain, inaccurate menstrual cycles despite food and beverage control intake and exercising.


This had caused me to reach to a point where I weight 63.5kg and the usual clothes and attire I am wearing no longer fit me. My loved ones around me realised this and asked me what I am up to in fact I am stunned and speechless at the moment do not know what else can I do to reduce my weight and improve my skin conditions. 


I decided to follow my colleague’s footstep to start on Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) to solve theproblems. Before CWP, there are so many market brands skin care products that I had done my research on and even started to taking some of it to test the effectiveness. Unfortunately, none of the result may improves me so much as compared to CWP. Under my direct consultant, Siah Tiong Kiat’s guidance in the first month itself I had lost 6kgs despite some on and off social engagement with family and friends.


I found that CWP is basically quite flexible in terms of when and where we consume it yet the result been quite positive. On the second month of CWP, I realised my eating habit and lifestyle had making positive changes in which making the weight management program more fun and easy to adapt to.


With proper skin care regime and CWP, I managed to overcome almost 70% of my previous pimple outbreaks scar and sensitive cheeks. These improvements definitely making me having higher confidence to recommend CWP to people with similar conditions of mine.





Sivasni Krishnan

Before weight : 80.9kg

Current weight : 65.9kg

Year : 2014


Consultant: Elaine Pang


I grew up being a chubby kid. Being mocked about my weight by my friends and family was pretty normal. As i grew self conscious i tried to lose weight in many different ways, i took supplements, went on strict diets and also took steroids. I tried many products but make me even worst, but then my weight still rebound. My body starts to have some problems, such as hormone imbalance and pimple problems, so I lost my confident.


My mom told me about the Cambridge program that introduced from her friend, and my mom brings me to visit the consultant of this program. After the screening, my mom and I straight away start the program on that day, because consultant told me that, if I choose for the sole source program, I can lose 1-5kg in a week and reshape my size. My body size was the shape of pear, so I start for the full program. During the program i have two sachets, a meal and 2.5litre of water. At first I have trouble on my food intake, but as the time pass, it stops.


After second follow-up, I meet my consultant Elaine for the screening again. My mom and I were surprised by the result, I had lost about 5kg and my mom had a nice shaping. After the two weeks of the program, I started to eat like last time, but  i realized that i didn't eat as much as i used to and surprisingly my weight did not increase much. I feel guilty that my mom determine for this program and keep losing weight and shaping, and I had not consistent for my program. I feel lucky that I had a team of back-up, my mom, sister and my consultant. For this time, I'm going to take the proper plan and lose more weight!


I determine follow-up  with my consultant every two weeks  , I am happy with Cambridge program because is a flexible program , I can enjoy my food and also lost my weight , my program is  a 5 days sole source plus and 2 days intake 1000kcal, after 3 month I total lost 15 kg, right now I gain back my confident. thank you my mom, my sister and consultant, Elaine Pang because you all guide me for the whole journey .

Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan!




Tan Leng Hoong

Before weight : 75kg

Current weight : 65kg

Year : 2014


Consultant: Damon Ooi Chee Kiang




Being slim, to me, was just a dream; a faraway fantasy. Sure, I’ve always wanted to be slim, and yes, for this purpose I’ve been through diets, ate less, tried so many approaches but just watched the weight keep piling up. Imagine my disappointment. I’ve got a busy job, so I can’t afford to make the time to exercise. Each time I step on the weighing scale is one giant (pun intended) awkward moment for me. You see, at my height, I would be considered obese, and so my youth and health seemed to leave me further and further. You think it couldn’t get worse? Well, let me tell you about the aches, the hormone imbalances, the exhaustion, fatigue, sluggishness, the aging, loss of confidence, and most of all, the stress that comes with all these problems. I was the butt of all family jokes. I couldn’t wear the nice clothes I wanted to wear. Every festival gathering was an invite to ask me the most obvious and rhetorical question: “Why? What happened? How could you let yourself grow so fat?”. I’m not sure if my relatives even remember my name anymore after so many years of calling me Fatty Patty. As if I was a piece of meat. For 25 bitter years of my life I’ve endured this, and it would continue, until my good fortune finally landed me on the discovery of the Cambridge Weight Plan.


The Benefits is just like a Miracle
2-3 months was all I needed on the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) and benefits on my body have been absolutely miraculous. So much of the fat that grew up with me has been shed off. My hormone imbalance problem almost completely reduced. My menstrual cycles have regulated from a strange semi-annual occurrence to once a month. Now, I’m getting my monthly cycles like a good, normal girl. In 2014, the doctor who performed my medical checkup had advised me sternly on losing weight and watching my diet, or face terrible cholesterol levels. Those worries can now be safely cast aside. My overall body fat analysis has tremendously improved. Visceral fat analysis that used to be mid-high for me has now normalized to a healthy level. It goes without saying that my subcutaneous fat would follow suit and improve a lot as well. No more knee pains. No more lower back pains. Now, whenever I find time to exercise, it doesn’t hurt my body like it used to. Even the frequent colds I used to get have been reduced to something of a rare occasion. Another health nuisance is my skin allergy; both food allergy and environment pollutant will cause my hands, legs and stomach itchiness, it can be so itch until I scratch until bleeding, after using CWP my skin allergy have greatly reduce and with better recovery.


I never understood my diet, that when I ate less, it did not mean that I consumed less calories. CWP has given me a better knowledge of my nutrition and a good grasp of balancing my eating habits. In just 3 months, I not only eat healthier, I also feel livelier and more alert! The obvious (and still rhetorical) question my family and friends now ask me is “Wow, have you lost weight?”. Naturally, I’m happy to answer every single time. Thanks, CWP, for not only giving me a healthy life back, but also the confidence any young girl should have.




Body fat %



Clothing size














I will continue with CWP towards achieving my ideal weight and health.


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