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Firuza Begham Binti Mustafa

Before weight : 86kg

Current weight : 60kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Damon Ooi Chee Kiang


In my life, from school to university days, I was always super thin and active person. It never came to my mind that I would face obesity problem. Everything changed once I completed my studies, started to work and faced with sedentary life. No physical activity. Low metabolism rate with wrong choice of food, bad eating habits increased my body weight significantly. Without realizing, my BMI shoot up from underweight to overweight (86kg in year 2013) resulted to almost under obese category.


Regular health screening at my workplace was a nightmare. BMI showed consistently overweight and high body fat with blood pressure at borderline. I started to feel the knee pain and hand numbness.Not mention about my body size, shape and low self esteem.


Like a bombshell! I heard a word from a senior professor referring to other member in my department that “if you cannot manage your body, how you can you manage others! It still rings at my ear until today. Since then lose my weight was my mission.


In 2013, I went for a sabbatical research leave in Northwest of China, there I started a new active life including monitoring and administering my food intake. I lost about 10 kg.


In 2014, I returned to Kuala Lumpur with new life mission that I want to have normal BMI. I enroll myself to gymnasium and started to work extremely serious, day and night. Even I hired a personal trainer to accelerate the weight lost. I reduced my weight and size significantly, but I was still under overweight and my body fat was still high.


In 2015, my trainer introduced me to the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP). I am very skeptical at beginning and not dare to try. But I started to read and explore more and more about the CWP, very thrill with ketosis process, noticed and witnessed few success stories too!


I gained confident and started my CWP at end of March 2015; within 4 weeks, surprisingly I found tremendous change in my weight, shape and overall health! I am back to 34-24-36 in a month! Of course early I went through all the sick feeling, but the aftermath effect was just amazing! I started to lose weight further and getting better shape. My size drop instantly and to my surprise my body fat composition drop significantly to normal range (VFA from 6.5 to 3) and all my health number is excellent!


Today, I am very happy with my health status and body weight is 60kg (BMI 21). My hard work was paid off. No more a slave in the gym. I gain myself confident and walking proud in the lecture hall! Yes, I managed my body and now I can definitely manage my students as well!


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