#1 CDF 4e1 Moisturizing Energy Serum
#1 CDF 4e1 Moisturizing Energy Serum   Featured
Promotes skin renewal & replenishes collagen.


#1 CDF 4e1 Moisturizing Energy Serum (50ml)


Suitable for :

Suitable for all skin types.

Special features :

The special silk dosage form of CDF Vitality Essence, long-lasting moisturizing and saturated,
hydrating-locking and storing water, clear and non-sticky.

Main ingredient :

German patented sebum biomimetic complex (Sk-influx), French patented
biosaccharide gum (Rhamnosoft-HP), chlorella extract (Goldella), hyaluronic acid.



Apply the serum to your hands and apply on your forehead, cheeks, tip of your nose & neck.
Gently smooth along the skin texture, and then pat the whole face until absorbed