#2 CDF 4e1 Moisturizing Bright Essence Cream
#2 CDF 4e1 Moisturizing Bright Essence Cream   Featured
To brighten up the skin.

#2 CDF 4e1 Moisturizing
Bright Essence Cream (50ml)


Suitable for :

Suitable for all skin types.

Special features :

Special water-in-oil dosage form effectively locks in essence ingredients, allowing skin to
absorb quickly, deeply moisturized and bright.

Main ingredient :

German patented sebum biomimetic complex (Sk-influx), French patented
biosaccharide gum (Rhamnosoft-HP), chlorella extract (Goldella), hyaluronic acid.



Every morning and evening after cleansing, take an appropriate amount of 2 pumps of Moisturizing Bright Cream
apply to your hands and apply points to your forehead, cheeks, nose a, chin and neck, gently smooth along the
skin texture, and pat the whole face until absorbed.