CDF 4e1 (Perfect Whitening) Renew Essence Mask
CDF 4e1 (Perfect Whitening) Renew Essence Mask   Featured
To rejuvenate, whitening and moisturizing


CDF 4e1 - Renew Essence Mask (50ml)


Suitable for :

Dull skin

Special features :

Helps to enhance brightening effect and inhibit melanin production

Main ingredient :

German patent SK-influx® (sebum biomimetic complex) repair protective water, prevent the loss of nutrients.



Step 1: After cleansing every night, take appropriate amount and apply evenly on face and neck parts, then gently massage back and forth 3-5 times (do not over-massage)

Step 2: Wait until the mask produces meticulous foam about 5 minutes(*this step is very important : At this time, the patented sebum exchanger MATIPURE composite porous particles) in the composition is working.
Step 3 : Wash the meticulous foam(after that can use CDF 4e1(Perfect Whitening)Whitening Serum