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Chew Shi Nee (Adeline)

Before weight : 70kg

Current weight : 58kg

Total Weight Lost: 12kg

Year : 2019


Slimmer Producer: Catherine Wong



Since when I was in primary, I was overweight. I am shy to join my friend to do any sports. I love all kind of food and dessert. Chocolate is my all time favorite. When I start my working career my dinner time always after 10pm. Big meal and straight to bed. 

This continue until one day I saw a picture of me , then i realize that i am so big. So I started diet eating healthy and some exercise but this didn't last long cause of my busy working hour. I get depressed. 

Cambridge Weight Plan
My life has change until I start cwpprogramme. I was 70kg and now I am 58kg in just few month. I can drink Cambridge Weight Plan anywhere and anytime , consuming only 200 cal with full nutrition . Lose body fat and also increase in muscle 
I am so happy and excited to continue this journey. 

Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan and also my supportive consultant Catherine!


Health improvement : 

  • Balance hormone 
  • More confident 
  • Energetic 
  • Better skin condition 
  • Alert with calorie intake




Chen Kar Mun

Before weight: 57kg

Current weight: 52kg

Year: 2018


Slimmer Producer: Wong Sau Ping


I want to look prettier and more healthiest ! That’s why I always looking for slimming product ! 


I consumed many product previously and mostly not useful and not healthy. It effect my hormone and make my heartbeat fast. Luckily I found Cambridge ! Through my consultant Sau Ping patient guidance , I can follow Cambridge program easily . Mostly I follow step 3 or step 4 . Most important things is  Cambridge program is easy to follow , I no more stand for hunger . I feel fresh and energetic . 


Cambridge Weight Plan is effective and a healthy food replacement product. It help me to slim down without need to stay for hunger.  I am so happy that I can lose weight easily with a safe & effective product !

Yes of course i will recommend my friends that want to diet. Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan & my consultant Sau Ping . 




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