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Diabetes Hypertension, High cholesterol Slimming OSA Hormone Imbalance Pre-alert Maintainer



Tan Geok Cheng

Before weight : 71kg

Current weight : 58kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Peggy Loh


I managed to recall back the benefits that Cambridge brought to me and my body:-

       •      Better sleep, help alleviate sleep apnea and my snoring

       •      Better hormonal balance, leads to smooth menses

       •      Better mood with enhanced mental fitness

       •      Less joint pain, this is important as extra weight hanging around the midsection
               makes matter worse

       •      Clearer, brighter & glowing skin for sure

       •      Fewer colds with stronger immune system and less prescription medicines

       •      Lastly, better and nicer wardrobe


I’m happy with Cambridge Weight Plan, guys, just forget about using other weight loss diet programs or even thinking of going to gym can drop some weight, the truth is, nothing can beat Cambridge Weight Plan, I mark my words.


I started off with 1 meal replacement and then go for 2 meals replacement, which is the best I could do  I managed to drop 13kg in total.


I’m now using it for long term maintenance. Thank you Cambridge for transforming my life and building up my level of confidence.








Vivian Wong Shir Yee

Before weight : 72kg

Current weight : 60kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Catherine Wong


Trust yourself . Trust your consultant. Trust your program. 

I started adding pounds when I was 15. I have always been cheerful and bubbly, however I felt there is something incomplete in my life.


Many things happened through those years that one would think I’d be a trigger to weight lose.


Often being overlooked, treated like a boy not realizing I’m simply forfeiting the ability to participate in so many wonderful moments due to my weight.

Mood swings, outbreaks on my skin, period is often late, unable to perform well at work, lack of motivation to drive.


Because… day, a good friend of mine texted me during her 5th month of pregnancy asking if I have any outfits that I could lend her, as none of her fits her at that time.

I was then ON FIRE  to lose weight!

When I’m fat ….

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Body easy to feel tired
  • Lack of confidence

Start with Cambridge Weight Plan with Sole Source programme from 72kg to 60kg
Lost total 12kg in 5 months!


I am 60 KG now! Reaching this point in my life is greatest feeling! I wont be able to do so without Cambridge Weight Plan.

My weight lose odyssey isn’t just about physical health & appearance but emotional wellness as well.


CWP has CHANGED MY LIFE entirely and I’m ready to ROCK the WORLD !

I’m not allowing anyone to tell me meal replacement doesn’t work and that’s the reason I am joining CWP slimmer 2018.


My goal is to convince my family that meal replacement is effective and healthy !


Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan!





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