Moisturizing Cleanser - Double Purifying
Moisturizing Cleanser - Double Purifying    Featured
Deeply cleanses the skin and prevents melanin precipitation.


Moisturizing Cleanser - Double Purifying (200ml)


Suitable for :

Suitable for all skin types.

Special features :

This product contains 30% Japanese amino pickling agent to gently and effectively deeply
cleanse the skin, and also adds mung bean seed extract. Supply regenerative energy.

Main ingredient :

German patented sebum biomimetic complex (Sk-influx), French patented
biosaccharide gum (Rhamnosoft-HP), chlorella extract (Goldella), hyaluronic acid.



Wet your face and pour an appropriate amount 3-5 drops of cleanser on hand, rub thoroughly
And apply to face and neck gently massaged.
Massage the entire face and back of the neck, use warm and cold water to rinse and cleanse.