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Chan Shwu Huey (Karen)

Before weight : 67.2kg

Current weight : 43.2kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Catherine Wong


Back to the year 2007, I want to have a beautiful shot of wedding photo. I began to take slimming pill and successfully lost 10kg in a month, but the process is unhealthy, because during the period, I sweat all the time, and my heartbeat un normally speeds up, even at night I can’t sleep well. But I still consume the medicine for 3 years to maintain my weight!

"Okay enough!” I told myself, I won’t suffer this anymore, so I stop the medicine and from that time, my weight started to increase year by year.

In the year 2011, I accidentally fell down and my kneecap was broken, I can’t walk! And in that time, my weight had increased, back to my previous weight! I gradually recovered, but sometimes my knee still feels pain, can’t even kneel.

The year 2012 my son was born, my life circle becomes smaller, I began to feel lonely. The Loneliness makes me take more food to satisfy the emptiness. Just in one, I gain another 10kg! And in July 2013, I was diagnosed to have diabetes! That is so sad


Thank god I started to attend philosophy and psychological courses, and my diabetes had totally recovered in 5 months without any medicine! That’s amazing! Happy can cure anything! In order to keep myself happier, I started to join opera production and vocal courses. But when singing, I always feel short of breath. And in the year 2016 due to urinary incontinence problem, I went to see a doctor. The doctor said, "That is because you are overweight”


In May 2016, I was excited looking forward to my 1st Italian opera production. And I wish to look slim on stage, so I immediate contact Catherine, with prompt action, I immediately began my Cambridge Sole Source treatment on the next day!

I was very disciplined to have my Cambridge sole source treatment for 4-months. In this duration, I have more awareness of the relationship between me and food, including a better understanding of my inner emotions. At the same time, I start to develop some small exercise habit every day. After four months, I had succeeded to lost 24kg!

Lastly, what I most grateful to Cambridge is, with this safe "tool", let me have the opportunity to really slim down. After lost weight, I found that my knee no longer pain, urinary incontinence healed, singing no longer sort of breath, feel energetic, become happier and had the prevention of diabetes! And also I had increased my self-confidence, I am brave join Mrs. Malaysia competition!


Finally, I wish more people will get benefit from Cambridge, to be an inner meet, external bright, positive self-confidence, and glory person!


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