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Vanessa Lee Yeah Tze

Before weight: 104.6kg

Current weight : 71.8kg

Total Weight Lost : 32.8kg

Year: 2019


Slimmer Producer: 

Keena Tan


After giving birth to my younger son 11 years ago, I have not thought about losing weight and started eating as and when I wish to. From then, my weight has been going up since then, from 85 kg to 107 kg. During these 11 years, I tried going through some diet plans, and during the first 10 weeks, I spent RM2000 and managed to lose 10 kg. I then realised the weight drop became stagnant.

I thought I have managed to lose the weight that I want and started to indulge back to enjoy what I love to do the most, which is EATING! My breakfast every morning was an alternate of Bihun Siam with my favourite Ayam Goreng, or Nasi Lemak with my other favourite Siew Mai. This was at 7.30am, and by 11.30am, I will crave for lunch. Lunch will normally be Chicken Rice or Noodles Soup. I will then go for tea time, which will normally be chocolates or milk shakes. This will follow with home cooked dinner at home around 8.30pm most nights. If we do eat outside, it will normally be my favourite meal, which is Texas Fried Chicken. Under normal circumstances, I will eat around 3 pieces. That was one birthday dinner that I walloped 6 pieces of fried chicken, with fries and muffins too. I also loved to drive out for supper, a lot of times, Roti Naan Cheese or McDonalds ice-cream. 


My weight was at 105kg when I went for a medical check-up in December 2016. This check-up also stated I had high blood pressure, fatty liver and other small health problems that resulted from my body weight. I was at the state of shock and told my doctor that I cannot be having high blood pressure and I did not have it previously. Therefore, my doctor advised me to monitor my blood pressure condition and did not prescribe any medication to me. As I was still in a state of denial, I will get dizziness at work sometimes. I will then check at our office Sick Bay, and indeed I was at a blood pressure of 140/100. At home, I will sometimes feel dizzy when I do household chores. Even walking up one flight of stairs can cause dizziness and I will also pant whenever I reached the last step of the stairs.


During these few years, I saw my best friend developed a stroke when she was below 40. This had dawned upon me that stroke and heart problems will start attacking us as young as 40 years old. When I was having such thoughts, I went for a trip with my friends (including my consultant, Keena Tan) in August 2018. After speaking to Keena and understanding CWP further, I decided to give CWP a try. I started this plan in September 2018 with 104.6kg. Keena thought me on what to eat, how to eat and within one week, I lost 4kg. This first week has really given me the motivation to lose more. With advices from Keena, I lost 10 kg within the first 30 days. I was so excited and happy at the same time. When I started Step 2 of CWP, it was indeed difficult as my cravings for food kept popping up.


With more motivation and advice from Keena, I went through the first 14 days of Step 2. Now, going through Step 2 was a breeze. After the first month, Keena motivated me to continue losing the weight. As of now (April 2019), after almost 5 months actively in CWP programme, I am now standing at 73.5kg. Besides from losing weight, I have also gained back a healthier body. My blood pressure is now back to normal and I don’t experience bouts of dizziness anymore. I now also dun feel panting whenever I go up the staircase, and I can now go through 4 to 5 flights of stairs with ease. Also, I have subconsciously changed my way of eating as well. One thing for sure, fried chicken is not something I fancy nowadays. Instead, it is now vegetables that I enjoy eating. At the moment, I am planning on going to do my medical check-up in April. I am looking forward towards this check-up this time round.


In addition, my menses used to be 2 months once, and a lot of times, super heavy menses with blood clots will appear. After CWP, my menses have been regular every month and the blood clots have disappeared. Besides this, I have also improved on my OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) as my spouse and children shared with me that I don’t snore loudly when I sleep nowadays.




Abdul Rahman Bin Sobor

Before weight: 83kg

Current weight : 69kg

Total Weight Lost : 14kg

Year: 2019


Slimmer Producer: 

Elaine Pang


Health issue before Cambridge Weight Plan

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pre Diabetes
  • Gout


The way to diet

  • Exercise
  • Control
  • Try diet product



Cambridge Weight Plan co-operated with NADI – National Diabetes Institute

Support by Gold & Platinum Standard Research Papers.


Using Cambridge Weight Plan program

Step 2 – 2 weeks

Step 1 – 4 weeks

After 7 days weight dropped 4kg

After 6 weeks weight lost 8kg


Improvement of health issue

High Cholesterol – Lower

High blood pressure – Lower

Recovered from pre diabetes & gout





Halizan Binti Awang Kechik

Before weight: 87kg

Current weight : 70kg

Total Weight Lost : 17kg

Year: 2019


Slimmer Producer: 

Elaine Pang


Health issue before Cambridge Weight Plan

  • BMI 31.6
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Knee pain, can’t jogging & arobic


Before weight loss

  • Shy
  • Unhappy
  • Less confident
  • Limited clothing



Cambridge Weight Plan co-operated with NADI – National Diabetes Institute

Support by Gold & Platinum Standard Research Papers.


Using Cambridge Weight Plan program

Step 2 – 2 weeks

Step 4 – 4 weeks

After  7 days weight dropped 5.5kg

After 3.5 months weight lost 15kg


Improvement of health issue

  • High Cholesterol – Lower
  • Recovered from knee pain & hormone imbalance
  • Happy
  • Confident





Cheang Yew Kay

Before weight: 73.9kg

Current weight : 61kg

Total Weight Lost : 12.9kg

Year: 2019


Slimmer Producer: 

Wong Sau Ping


I begin the journey of CWP at Mar’19. The moment trigger me to start for diet is I can’t sleep at night time. Then I got high blood pressure around 150++. Early, I told is I can’t sleep and cause the high blood pressure. But doctor told high blood pressure also can drop the sleep quality. The situation continue about 3 weeks.


Doctor advice if still can’t drop the pressure may need to start the medicine. Further, my family have diabetes record. My grand mum, mother also start get diabetes in age of 40++. It give me the precaution to check glucose lever every week. The reading is depend on what I eat last night. The higher record for glucose lever is 9.7 which after meal 2hrs. Then I decided start to take CWP, try reduce some weight see will make the condition better. 


After 3 weeks of CWP for 3 meal replacement. I can sleep at the night time. Blood pressure around 130++. The morning glucose lever is 5.6.  Then I continue the program until now about 6 weeks. I have reduce my weight to 7kg. The best part after reduce some weight is even I am sleep for 5~6hours sometime, I just feel eye a bit dry. I still can work & go out to meet customer. As before, I feel difficult to drive under Sunlight, slow respond and feel like “zombie”


The reason I choose CWP is got many flavor and make my diet program easy. Second reason got 1 to 1 consultant follow up to make sure I follow the program.


Last, I wish can continue until my target archive.





Sherena Binti Razaly Wahi

Before weight: 91.8kg

Current weight : 74kg

Total Weight Lost : 17.8kg

Year: 2019


Slimmer Producer: 

Vincent Chiew


Setting the intention of losing 30kg was one of the scariest decisions I made, ever. But when Vincent Chiew did my assessment and went through my vital statistics, that shocked realization at how bad my health was got me through the fear and into deciding that I must and will do something significant and positive about myself.


I am 44 years old, a single mother to 2 gorgeous little boys who are just 7 years and 5 years old. 2018 was quite possibly the worst year in my entire life. I had to sell my restaurant, which had been a huge part of how I identified and defined myself over the past 13 years. 


When I weigh in on what defined 2018 for me, it is the absolute break in friendship with this friend. With hindsight, I think I may have reached the stage of clinical depression by Q3 of 2018. I was a shadow of my former bubbly personality, and I really was struggling to just wake up in the mornings. Only the routine of my regular weekly business meetings kept me sane. I wasn’t doing much business per se, but the regularity of the routine and meeting friends who were generally upbeat and positive helped get me through those difficult months.


This was when Vincent approached me. “The time is now” he said, because during this period of reflection is when I should be focusing on myself and really thinking hard about what I want the new and single Sherena to be like when I get my divorce finalized.


Vincent punched me in the gut when he asked me “What’s going to happen to the boys if you get a heart attack or get really sick because you are not taking care of yourself? Will you condemn the boys to being raised by their useless, irresponsible father?”. I didn’t like it, I thought it was harsh, but it was also true.


And so, on 30 January 2019, I took my first set of ‘before’ photos. I wore one of my favourite dresses – it is a lovely shade of pink, and I always thought I looked pretty good in it. But when I saw the photos, I nearly cried. I looked like a heifer, my tummy was massive and my bottom even more so. I think all overweight people develop the skill to not see themselves in the mirror, because if we looked at ourselves properly, we might not be able to deal with how much we had let ourselves go.


And so, it began… Vincent put me on Step 3, and then then Step 2 for 3 days each. I was so hungry, it wasn’t easy. I was also very irritable because I had been comfort eating for so long that when I was trying to stop, I felt deprived. I questioned myself why I was doing this. And my poor boys were being scolded over and over for small transgressions by a very grumpy mummy.


2 days into Sole Source, all of the irritability went away, thank goodness. I still craved food, but Vincent was a great help – he kept in touch with me several times a day, and made sure that I was ok. I learned the difference between actual hunger and craving for comfort food. This vital period of getting started was that much easier, because I knew that when I felt like I was going to fall off the wagon, I could call Vincent and get the support and encouragement I needed from him. I needed that to keep me going. By the end of the first week, I had lost an amazing 3.7kg.


Being on Sole Source became a conversation starter. I shared my story on Facebook for the purpose of creating an entire contact list-full of accountability partners. This way, if I ever fell off the wagon, every single person I know would know I had and that was an effective deterrent.


The comments I received were encouraging. But several were doubtful (“How can you survive on a liquid diet? You love food so much, Sherena!” they said) and openly scornful (“It will never work. Once you stop, you’ll go back to your own size again. You are wasting your money”). Others tried to impose their own views (“I don’t believe in all this processed food. It’s better to eat proper food - lots of fresh vegetables and proper protein”). And even more tried to get me to convert to the weight management plan that they were on! Worst was when they declared that setting a goal for 30kg weight loss was unrealistic and that it couldn’t be done.


But by and large, the majority of the comments I received were encouraging. Many said they were rooting for me, and sent virtual hugs and thumbs up. Many praised the fact that I was doing something so positive about my health. I liked that so many of my friends were so encouraging. I put it out there on my social media to create accountability for my goal, and instead I found so many supporters.


Four weeks into CWP, I hit a major milestone. Strongly encouraged by Vincent, I decided to pull out some clothes out from the bottom of the cupboard. I pretty much danced around the room when for the first time in over 5 years, I could fit into my jeans!!! I could actually pull them up past my hips! I almost cried, I was so happy! My tummy was much smaller, my bottom looked nicely curved (instead of looking like a big ball) and I thought I looked pretty hot too!


Suddenly the world became a brighter place. As the inches and kilos melted away slowly but surely, I regained much of my lost confidence. I also got my waist back. And then, to encourage myself further, I decided that once my divorce-cooling off period was over, myself and a group of girlfriends would plan a short staycation and celebrate my divorce. We would stay at the beach for the staycation, and we would wear bikinis. I know that I would be able to be bikini ready by early July – because the Cambridge Weight Plan would get me there. This was my own personal slightly-selfish reason for losing weight.


As for the bigger-and-more-important reason why I want to lose weight – all is good there too! Just 2 weeks into CWP, I was off my blood pressure and blood sugar medication. My blood pressure dropped from 158/103 to 130/85, and my blood sugar dropped from 11.8 to 5.5 respectively. That was just after 2 weeks!!! I had been trying to get off my medication for 2 years but I just couldn’t get the numbers down. It is amazing that just 2 weeks with Vincent could achieve what 2 years with my doctor couldn’t.


Since then, I have achieved several more milestones. I am gradually bringing more clothes out of storage, and packing away clothes which are just too big and baggy for me to wear. There is a certain kind of satisfaction in being able to say “Nope, can’t wear this anymore. It’s just too big” when for the longest time, it was the opposite!


I have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes. I do dress well, and I dress up for work. I have invested in my business by dressing myself in dresses and frocks suitable for attending different types of events. But now, I have the wonderful problem of not being able to look good in many of these dresses cos they are just too big right now. Hooray! For my favourite dresses, the plan is to take them to a good tailor, and have them altered to fit my shape and size when I have reached my goal.


That night, I started praying and being grateful to God for bringing amazing people back into my life. As I started listing out my reasons for being grateful, I realized one very important thing – opportunities for earning money came in leaps and bounds after I practiced gratefulness. And the first name on my list to whom I was grateful for is Vincent. It was after he convinced me that I should come onto CWP that things started working out right.


Opportunity after opportunity came my way. It got to the point where I was almost apprehensive about accepting invitations to meet up with old because I was already overwhelmed with the invitations to collaborate and work together. As I spoke with these friends, I realized something very interesting. Because I was posting about my CWP journey on social media, because I was sharing my story and how it was having such a great impact on my life, these old friends said they were inspired by my journey and many of them had thought that if Sherena can do this now so successfully when 2018 was such a terrible year, then she can do anything, and is therefore the right person to work on me for this project or job. What an amazing conclusion! Who would have thought that going onto CWP with the intention of only reclaiming my health would catapult me into the stratosphere and open up doors which I didn’t even know existed.


On a personal front, I made 2 big decisions about reclaiming the ‘old me’. 15 years ago, I was a very active salsa dancer, and I loved the music and how it moved me. 12 years ago, I stopped dancing because I was in a very toxic relationship and leaving the salsa scene in KL was the only way I could think of to get away from him. And once I got married in 2008, I dropped all ideas of ever returning to the salsa scene.


2 weekends ago, a friend invited me to her birthday party at a salsa venue. Since I had regained my body confidence, I dressed myself to be salsa-ready. When I walked into that salsa venue, the nicest thing happened – the salsa teacher Gupson actually stopped teaching the beginner’s class and exclaimed “Oh my god. I can’t believe what I am seeing” with a huge smile on his face. Then he came and hugged me. Gupson was my 3rd ever salsa teacher – and it was wonderful that he remembered me after so many years. And I shook my bon-bon so much that night, I felt like I had come back into my own. That night, I danced with my favourite dance partner Jeff again and also with my first dance teacher, Sam. Logically, there is no way that muscle memory can last 12 years, but it was like I had never left salsa at all. My dance with Sam was like amazing, we did all those crazy-fancy dance moves and rocked the dance floor. For sure all the ‘new’ dancers were wondering who is this girl whom they do not know but can dance like that with Sam and Jeff? It was exhilarating. So now, I plan to be smoking up the dance floor every other weekend (when the boys are with their father) and reclaiming that alive and vibrant part of me.


Here’s the thing though, I know I would not have gotten on the dance floor at all, and maybe even skipped the birthday party altogether if I was still fat-and-frumpy Sherena. But with the weight loss I had achieved so far (and I am still not done yet, I am about half way to my goal) I had the confidence to get myself back onto the dance floor, and find myself again. That’s invaluable for me.


On another front, I have always been a relatively active person. I run in 10km and 12km races and have collected 16 finisher medals to date. This was all throughout the shambles of my marriage. About 3 years ago when I was roughly 98kg in weight, a group of buddies invited me to go hiking with them. I lasted just 10mins, and we were hiking up a slight incline. I could hear the blood roaring through my head and I was dizzy to the point of nausea. I sat down and couldn’t take another step. It took me 10mins to begin to move again, and that was only to the top of the incline so that I could sit down on flat ground. I then couldn’t move for another 20mins. I never went hiking again after that, I was that traumatized. 


3 weekends ago, now that I was significantly lighter at 82kg, I allowed myself to be persuaded to go hiking again. I got through the entire 1.5hour hike, and did so well that I didn’t even have the horrible exhaustion and massive headache that I have come to associate with over-doing the exercise and pushing myself beyond my physical limits. I survived the hike, and I survived it well. The next weekend, I joined the hiking group again, and this was slightly tougher with steeper inclines and longer distances. Again, I survived it well.


During my 3rd hike of this year (so far) which was just yesterday, we pushed ourselves even further with a 5 hour hike up some very steep inclines and a wonderful break at a waterfall in the middle. Think about it - a 5-hour hike when I couldn’t manage 10mins before? Yesterday during the hike, I walked almost 18,000 steps and climbed 102 floors. That’s massive!


I love that the weight I have lost so far enables me to reclaim my lost confidence and vitality. And I love that the weight I have lost enables me to try new things and push me to achieve things which I never would have ever imagined I could do. I have now started a bucket list as follows (in no particular order):

1)    Conquer Mount Kinabalu in 2020

2)    Get my 10km run time to sub 1:30

3)    Earn a 21km half marathon finisher medal

4)    Fit into my super-sexy green lace kebaya (a form fitting traditional outfit) that I last wore in 1999


These are mostly physical goals. I know absolutely that I will achieve these physical goals because CWP and Vincent will get me there. Losing weight and inches is just that, it’s a physical achievement related to my health. The mental achievement and indirect effect of achieving these goals will be getting back my self-confidence and getting back the ‘old’ Sherena whom I thought was lost forever. I will be a better parent when I have the confidence to put myself out there and achieve what I am looking for. That is priceless.


Thank you, Cambridge Weight Plan and Vincent, – for making it possible for me to regain my health and my confidence. Thank you for making it possible for me to regain the ‘old’ me.


Just thank you.






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