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Vithiya A/P Sathasivan

Before weight : 90kg

Current weight : 70kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Catherine Wong


Health Improvement :

  1.  Increase in stamina
  2.  Feel more energetic and active
  3.  Can perform physical activities
  4.  More confident


A New Me: A Transformation in Fulfilling My Late Father’s Wish!

Ever since a child, I was always on the chubbier side. May be the effect of growing up with grandparents, too much of love and food. I was mostly a passive child when it comes to sports and I never participated in any events. As I grew, besides growing tall, I was also growing sideways.


Fast food and deserts were my stress busters and I began to gain more weight. I was in complacency until I realised that being obese isn’t helping me in any way. I always had the urge to wear fashionable clothes but would not be able to fit into the desired clothes and ending up shopping for clothes which don’t match my age.

My parents were worried about my health but they never openly said it out. This continued until one fine day my late father requested me to lose some weight while being critically ill in the hospital. I saw the worry in his eyes for his daughter. I was introduced to Cambridge Weight Plan by my aunt who was attached at the hospital. My consultant Catherine Wong contacted me and the rest is history.


I weighed 90kg when I started the program. I told to my consultant that I want to take it slow. Her constant motivation and the burning desire in me never stopped me moving forward. Within a year, I shed 20kgs.


As I started the program, I began seeing the changes in me within a few weeks and many people from my circle realised this and started complimenting me too. They were delighted to see the changes in me especially my mother who takes the trouble to prepare my healthy meals. It was a boost for me the shed further. I started loving myself and my transformation has raised my self-confidence and self-esteem. Shopping for clothes is no longer a sad moment as I am able to fit into fashionable outfits now.


As a teacher by profession, I started participating in internal events and field trips. My teenage students also played a huge role to keep me going. I am living my life to the fullest and millions of thanks to my consultant for putting up with me, my family and friends, my colleagues and most important my students. Without these people, this wouldn’t be possible.




Reanuka A/P Alaga

Before weight : 85.3kg

Current weight : 74kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Siah Tiong Kiat


Its all started 8 years ago when my weight is at a unhealthy level. I start enrolling to gym classes and even hire a personal trainer to help in maintaining my weight. Its help to built up my stamina , however my weight is still up and down like a “yoyo” . Then my friend introduce me to my current “Sifu”  Siah Tiong Kiat that really change my life. I enroll a weight management program with him and easily , I manage to bring back my weight in just few month . Im very delighted and excited with the progress. I manage to go back to my ideal weight. Basically with Cambridge Weight Plan, I can enjoy my food knowing I have a “BFF” that always help me to drop to my ideal weight when I need it.


Things get worst after I have my son. I gain weight tremendously and im 20 kg above my ideal weight. I keep on telling myself that “No worry, I still have my BFF to help me”. That is my excuse. However, recently I always have this heart burn issue that really make me very uncomfortable. It feel like a heart attack in most of the time where breathing will be a bit tight. Beside that , in this 2 years I encounter a knee problem that cause me to fall down unexpectedly. It feel like the knee have been relocated. I cant walk for few days and need to go for physiotherapy.


The 3rd time I injured my knee, the orthopedic did a MRI on my knee and were advice to go through an operation . Basically I have a tear ACL. The orthopedic say that this operation is an optional cause normally a person still can walk and do normal activity however it still have a risk to encounter the same problem again. I tell myself it is time for me to engage with my “BFF” again.


I contacted my “Sifu” and he is super surprise to see me in this size. I’m even more surprise when I see all my reading after the measurement (OMG). I have gain 20kg and basically lose all my muscle and gain a lot of fats ( reaching to almot 35% ) . Most import, my VFA is at 15.5.  I NEED TO DO SOMETHING!! This is what I tell myself.


Kiat make a simple yet effective program for me and it is so flexible to follow . I started with 2 weeks of preparation. In that 2 week I actually lost 1.4kg and gain 2% of muscle for my entire body. The most amazing part is I have lost 8.5 inch in total. It is sure amazing and even more amazing from the first time I have Cambridge Weight Plan. My heart burn is basically gone and I feel lighter. I will continue to the program and my target will be “ VFA = 6 , BMI = 25 and to gain back my muscle”  GAMBATEH…




Stanley Wong Kah Leong

Before weight : 86kg

Current weight : 69kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Julie Tang


 Before weight lose

  • Blood pressure in bolder line
  • Knees pain
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue


After weight lost

  • Blood pressure normal
  • Energetic
  • No knees pain
  • No joint pain




Jayden Chan

Before weight : 105.8kg

Current weight : 88.3kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Gillian Boo


Hi, my name is Jayden Chan. I am currently working as a commis chef at St Regis Hotel, Singapore.

Although I’m the only boy at home, but I’m quite independent whereby I can prepare my own meal since I was 10 year old. I love to cook, and I love to eat too. I especially like to eat rice, eggs and fish.  You know, boys like to eat a lot during school time and I was one of them. Therefore I have been “huge” since my teenage time as I am 181cm with body weight of more than 100kg. 


I always refuse to scale my weight until I needed to go for medical check-up for employment purpose. I was so surprised to note that my weight shot up to 105kg, which is “seriously overweight” according to my BMI. Although I was shocked, but I still did not really care about it. Until one day in March 2017, my mom advised me to lose weight, as she was very worried about my health and said I was still too young to be overweight.

Both of my sisters are CWP users and they have successfully shed off more than 40kgs in total. That’s where I get to know about CWP & have faith in it. I decided to start my CWP program after getting consultation from Gillian. 


I was unable to do Sole Source like what my sisters did due to my working schedule (I have to do shift work as a commis chef).  I follow the guidance from Gillian and my sisters on how to control my food intake, and take 3-4 CWP shakes a day. To my surprise, I lost more than 10kgs in a month!


Initially I decided to lose weight because I did not want to disappoint my mom. But after losing weight with CWP, I got bonuses like I feel much lighter, much more energetic and more confident about my outlook. I used to be called “uncle” although I am at my twenties. Now I am very happy that I am able to wear clothings people of my age wear, and no longer been called “uncle”!  I’m currently maintaining my weight of 88kg which I’m very satisfied with it.


Thank you CWP, and Gillian and my family members to support me during my weight lost journey. 




George Ling Yeong Shann

Before weight : 103kg

Current weight : 93kg

Year : 2018


Consultant: Tan Yong Liang


I love to do sport activity….but due to my weight and size, couldn’t join in a team.


I’m a referee too, but I’m too heavy to run.


I injured my knee due to my weight. I lost my confidence.

So I decided to try Cambridge, within a month, I lost 5kg!!! more confident…getting better in my stamina & be more healthy





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