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Yeoh Chin Chin

Before weight : 66kg

Current weight: 57kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Siah Tiong Kiat


While in school, I had a problem where every school started, my weight will definitely increase. This situation was continually until I started work as a Customer Service Officer at a shopping mall. My work did not need required to walk a lot and at the same time I did not control of my food. Due to my work stress, my weight has increased up 70kg.


I participated in two weeks detox program that requires me to only eat liquid food & organic fruits only. The consultation fee plus purchase of the supplement cost Rm2000 (not included purchased of organic fruits). The result my weight decreased slightly but the results are not so effective after I no longer consistent the program.


In April 2015, when I changed work environment in other industries, I feel pressure at all times and as a result there is no control in food taking, my weight increased again in large numbers.Simultaneously, I started doing light exercises and as a result, had a bit of weight loss.


Start in September 2015; I did not have time for workout for period of 3 months due to busy work. So one day, my best friends would chide my body shape become skinny although I did not work directly.


In mid of December 2015, I feel thirst frequently, I did not realize I already suffering because diabetes is detected in my body. I went for health inspection in December 2016 and the results showed that my sugar level have reached 13 before the meal. The doctor confirms I'm a diabeticpatient. 


Although I am aware of the possibility to have diabetes due to heredity as my family member have diabetes, but I actually do not expect to become diabetic at this early age. 


It took some time for me to accept this fact, as I need to start taking medication which no end life. In January 2016, I started taking the medication to control my diabetes and as a result, my sugar level began to fall 7.4.

However, the side effects after taking this medicine, I went to the toilet frequently to dispose of the body of water and I often feel tired. I started phobia to take any kind of diet. My sugar level is my body is constantly changing makes me more neither confused nor know the type of food that can be taken to reduce the level of sugar in the body. The situation been protracted and in September 2016, I tested my sugar level in the body and found my sugar levels have been reached 17 before eating which made me worried and depressed. October 2016, when I went for doctor appointment the sugar level decreased to 14. Doctor has increase the medicine and asked me to come back for appointment in middle of December 2016.


I did not want to continue to depend on medicine hospital; I find other alternative medication and first introduced to the Mr. Kit in November 2016 a nutritionist from Cambridge Weight Plan.When angered know about the goodness of the program Cambridge Weight Plan for diabetes patients, I began to experiment with making Cambridge Weight Plan's Shakes. 

The results after one month of consumed, my sugar level can be control below 10. After two months consumed, the results gained momentum began to decline at a rate of 9. The four months of consumed, my sugar level can be control below 8.


After since I follow program Cambridge weight Plan, I found my body weight also more manageable and it going I will be more confident. I am really thankful and although I’m a diabetic patient, but I still can live healthier and will continue to strive to stay fit. I hope that someday I'll be fine, do not take any medications anymore completely free of diabetes.




Chairozila Mohd. Shamsuddin

Before weight : 82kg

Current weight: 66kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Elaine Pang


In 6 month from 82kg to 66kg

Now Exercise is easier. Health checkup in January 2017, proved that now my health is normal, no cholesterol & diabetes.


- Diet is more manageable

- Maintain weight is easy




Chan Shwu Huey (Karen)

Before weight : 67.2kg

Current weight : 43.2kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Catherine Wong


Back to the year 2007, I want to have a beautiful shot of wedding photo. I began to take slimming pill and successfully lost 10kg in a month, but the process is unhealthy, because during the period, I sweat all the time, and my heartbeat un normally speeds up, even at night I can’t sleep well. But I still consume the medicine for 3 years to maintain my weight!

"Okay enough!” I told myself, I won’t suffer this anymore, so I stop the medicine and from that time, my weight started to increase year by year.

In the year 2011, I accidentally fell down and my kneecap was broken, I can’t walk! And in that time, my weight had increased, back to my previous weight! I gradually recovered, but sometimes my knee still feels pain, can’t even kneel.

The year 2012 my son was born, my life circle becomes smaller, I began to feel lonely. The Loneliness makes me take more food to satisfy the emptiness. Just in one, I gain another 10kg! And in July 2013, I was diagnosed to have diabetes! That is so sad


Thank god I started to attend philosophy and psychological courses, and my diabetes had totally recovered in 5 months without any medicine! That’s amazing! Happy can cure anything! In order to keep myself happier, I started to join opera production and vocal courses. But when singing, I always feel short of breath. And in the year 2016 due to urinary incontinence problem, I went to see a doctor. The doctor said, "That is because you are overweight”


In May 2016, I was excited looking forward to my 1st Italian opera production. And I wish to look slim on stage, so I immediate contact Catherine, with prompt action, I immediately began my Cambridge Sole Source treatment on the next day!

I was very disciplined to have my Cambridge sole source treatment for 4-months. In this duration, I have more awareness of the relationship between me and food, including a better understanding of my inner emotions. At the same time, I start to develop some small exercise habit every day. After four months, I had succeeded to lost 24kg!

Lastly, what I most grateful to Cambridge is, with this safe "tool", let me have the opportunity to really slim down. After lost weight, I found that my knee no longer pain, urinary incontinence healed, singing no longer sort of breath, feel energetic, become happier and had the prevention of diabetes! And also I had increased my self-confidence, I am brave join Mrs. Malaysia competition!


Finally, I wish more people will get benefit from Cambridge, to be an inner meet, external bright, positive self-confidence, and glory person!


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