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Ong Shu Yin

Before weight : 80kg

Current weight : 60kg

Year : 2013


Consultant: Ferlicer Eng


2012 Malaysia Slimmer of the Year
2013 UK Slimmer of the Year

(The representative from Malaysia)


I have always adore model and actress with good body shape. This was a very challenging task for me to realize my dream to have a slim body shape because I love food which had led me to have a big body size. Whenever people call me “pretty girl”, it sounded sarcastic to me. Nobody will relate a fat girl as pretty. I had been asked twice ‘When is your due date?’, this was very frustrating and upset to hear it because I am still single.


It was a routine for me to scout for slimming products / methods to lose weight during the month of May without fail each year in order to look good on my birthday in August. I had tried numerous conventional methods of body slimming since age 16. From applying chillies, cabbage juices, body wrapping, slimming teas, fiber, body slimming suits and many other slimming products. I was able to reduce 3kg – 5kg but bounce back after Chinese New Year festive season.


On December 2007, I was called to attend a compulsory national service. After physical examination , I was found to be a diabetic patient. My blood sugar level for glycemic index reading was extremely high at 27.8mmol/L. Immediately I was hospitalized for one week to monitor the blood sugar level. I took Actrapid, Metformin, Insulatard and insulin injection every day to control the blood sugar level. One night at national service camp, I felt some kind of complication with irregular heartbeat & chest tightness. I was immediately admitted to hospital. Doctor certified that I was unfit for national service. I was discharged from national service within one week.


After 3 months of insulin injection, I requested to stop insulin injection. Doctor prescribed extra 1000mg of metformin daily. My fasting glucose during insulin and medication – 6.1mmol/L, HBA1c was 6.4%. Starting from March 2008, my intake of metformin increased to 3000mg to control blood sugar level. I had the habit craving for desserts, cakes & chocolates , hence my result of glycemic control level was totally unsatisfied . Doctor had no choice to add gliclazide 160mg a day, due to unstable fasting glucose level. My reading went up to 9 mmol/L. I started to develop sensitive skin with high blood sugar level, thurs caused the skin to itch and eventually caused scars due to aggressive scratching.


I came across Cambridge Weight Plan’s story from a magazine, the catchy slogan “3 days lose belly fat , reduce one size in 2 weeks” attracted my attention. I took 2 weeks to make the decision to contact Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant . My Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, Ferlicer Eng patiently explained the programme on how it works etc. . Initially I was not convinced CWP was able to produce the results as said but finally I decided to embark on the programme. I had made the RIGHT CHOICE!

After 6 months, my weight reduced from 80kg to 60kg. My fasting blood sugar reduced from 9.2mmol/L to 4.1mmol/L, HBA1c from 10.1% drop to 5.4%. The most marvelous news I was adviced by the Doctor to stop all my medications. I had slimmed down to my ideal weight and had restored my health with Cambridge Weight Plan with the support from my consultant. Scars on my skin gradually faded away, and my skin complexion has become radiant.


I encouraged my parents to consume CWP because they are also diabetes patients. My mum faced the same challenge liked me to control her blood sugar level because she loved food too. After 6 weeks on CWP, my mum noticed her injured toe started to show signs of rapid recovery. Prior to consumed CWP, all her toes were purpleish black, the wound was very difficult to heal after any cuts. Now things have changed.


I am free from any insulin injections and medications for my diabetes. I can still enjoy all my favourite foods while controlling the blood sugar level in the normal range. My glucose reading now is 5 – 5.5mmol/L. Thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan. I have successfully lose the weight, regained my health, restored my confidence and my life is now transformed. CWP had restored the health of my family members. My sincerely thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant Felicer Eng for her encouragement, motivation words and professionalism .


I am now doing CWP business because I want to share and to help others just like my Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant who had held my hands along my Cambridge Journey. It is indeed a transformation of Real People, Real Support & Real Result. Thank you CWP and Ferlicer Eng.


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