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Chan Ying Ying

Before weight: 91.8kg

Current weight : 69.6kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Gillian Boo


I was one of the tallest student during primary school. You know that you were the person who always arranged to sit the most behind seat in the class. Well, that was me. I’m active in sports, badminton, athletics, and my friends can always see me compete in the sports competition. When you are active, and you’ll eat more. What’s my snacks? Milo + cream crackers. That was me when I was X months old. Yes, and I’m botak. :D And that’s my dad. Ok.. Let’s go on…


Part 2

When I entered secondary school, I still remember that my first weighing was 71kg, which I was not realized, and I was about 163cm when I was 13yo. I’m actively in school activities and I was a state volleyball player (sort of) Then, the journey wearing size XL, XXL had begin...


During my 20’s to 30’s

After I finished my Diploma at TARC, I started to work. After trying few jobs, I ended up with Shangri-La Contact Centre. A call centre that runs 24/7, 365 days. I have to worked on shift, morning, noon or sometime overnight shift when it is needed. As the working hours were not stable, and my body clock was a mess. I could not sleep well, my period not visit me on time, and worst thing is, I had bad migraine. The job was very tension and I started to eat to ease the pressure. Sooner, I bought plus size cloths, and I don’t even like to social often because I looked really dull and down all the time.


Until the 4th quarter of 2014

One of my ex colleague was preparing to married and I noticed she slimmed down very fast and in good shape. Thus I kepochi asked her what product she is using. At the same time, I can’t look myself into the mirror any more.

My friend told me about Cambridge Weight Plan.


Before weight loss

  • Doctor advised to start medication for high blood pressure

  • Severe migraine

  • Low energy—felt tired easily

  • Clothes sizes getting larger year by year. The largest clothes size before I embarked on CWP program was XXXL.


Improvement after weight lost

  • Blood pressure back to normal!

  • Less migraine now

  • Much more energetic—able to walk longer. I even set a record to walk on foot for more than 25km in 2 days during my Busan trip in June this year!

  • My clothes size now is UK12—dropped 4 dress sizes in total!




Olivia Ooi Soh Khim

Before weight: 70.8kg

Current weight : 57.5kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Vincent Chiew


During a teenage growing time, my weight increased whereby height does not increase as much. Therefore, I was overweight. After high school till university. I used to walk a lot and weight reduced to 52kg.


Due to not controlling on food and lack of exercise my weight increase year by year.


After married and delivered first baby, weight has increased much more. Due to changing job which involved more physical movement and weight reduced and even delivered second baby weight consider overweight a bit not that worse.


I joined the class in 2007 declared to reduce weight and almost achieved about 80% target. But after it without realization weight increased day by day even I have joined Yoga and seems not much effect to bring down the weight from the year 2014.


In 2016, I spoken to Vincent and noted the effect of Cambridge but initially, I didn't felt confident much on it and got encouragement from my ex-client who successful shed off 30kg.


Cambridge has made the miracle to me after consumed within a week I did lose 1kg and continue in a month also reduce another 2-3kg. But as usual, in my mind, any weight loss products effective for a while and cannot show the effect. Anyhow, I still persistently consume and it's really brought me 10kg + within 2 1/2 months and I managed to wear back my previous old clothing which I never think I could fit in. From XL to L and even M. I maintain the shape almost half year already.


Cambridge is not only meal supplement products but is a weight management that I have learned a lot how to eat well and live well. I feel energetic and more confident looking; can't think of I can have a better body shape in the age of 40+ compared to 30+... youthful look.


Thanks to Vincent my coach who is so dedicated in this journey to help me to share and guide me a better health management. Thank you. 




Alvin Koh Beng Chin

Before weight: 143kg

Current weight : 94.5kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Ann Khoo


At 15 years old, my weight was already at 100kg. I hated when people call me fatty boy. Therefore, after my PMR examination, I was determined to lose my weight. I cut down my food intake tremendously & started jogging every morning. Within 1 month, I had lost 15kgs. I remembered that I almost fainted on one occasion because I practically fasted the entire day but I still went on with my exercise. After that incident, I knew I could not continue with that method of dieting. However, I still managed to bring my weight down to 75kg in the span of 2.5 years, when I was 18 years old through exercising and controlling my food intake.


Unfortunately, I started regaining the weight that I had lost when I was 19 years old. I was preparing for my STPM examination hence I had stopped all my exercises. When I was offered a place in the university in mid of 1998 (20 years old), my weight was already touching 105kg. Towards year end after my application to participate in the ROTU (Reserved Officers Training Unit) program was rejected due to my overweight issue, my determination to lose weight had kicked in once again. I started reducing my food intake & went to the gym for workout. Incredibly I lost 25kgs in less than a year. At the age of 21, I was weighing about 78kg- 80kg. My body was very fit & I looked great too.



2 years after that when I graduated and started working at the age of 23, I seldom went to the gym for workout anymore. But my food intake portion was getting bigger & bigger. In no time, I was back to my original weight of 105kg. In 2003 I tried dieting but that only lasted for 2 months. Then my weight went up to 115kg. I was still taking my weight issue lightly because I thought to myself that I could lose all those excessive weights when I had the time to do it. In fact, I had already done it twice before. Hence, I continued with my "freestyle" eating habits & sedentary lifestyle. In 2005 I tried losing weight again but that also lasted only for 1.5 months. After that weight lost attempt my weight had once again spiraled up to 125kg.


In 2009, my weight was at 132kg. By 2015, I was already weighing 143kg. From 2002 until 2016, I had tried numerous ways to lose my weight. Each failed attempt to lose weight had only resulted in more weight gain. I was lost & felt hopeless because I could not do anything to reduce my weight. I wanted to lose weight but I could not control my food intake. I was eating all the way to glory ignoring all the advices & comments from my family & friends. I thought to myself that they did not understand how difficult it was for me to control my food intake. All they could do were just passing negative comments. I tried to avoid seeing myself in the mirror as well as avoided taking photos because I just hated to see my huge oversized body. I did not do any kind of exercises as well. In the end, the miserable feeling I was experiencing only led to more food intake. At times, I can eat up to 6 meals a day not to mention snacks & tidbits in between.

I felt lethargic most of the time. I could not sleep well at night. Therefore, I could dose off easily during the day. This had also affected my work performance. On top of that to make matters worse, all my health tests were showing negative results. I was practically on medication for hypertension, high cholesterol & high glucose level. I also faced difficulties trying to find the right woman of my life. I felt even more stressful from all of these problems & the inabilities to rescue myself from the dangerous situation that I was in. As a result, I continued eating out of control to contain the stress that I was going through (emotional eating) because eating could take away my stress, sorrow & emptiness. Eventually I had grown bigger & bigger.


Until one day I was rejected by a potential employer because I had failed the pre-employment health test. Companies would not want to hire new recruits who have health complications. On top of that I also could not get a life insurance policy because I had pre-existing conditions & I was too great of a risk to be insured according to the underwriters.


As mentioned, I had tried many different methods to lose weight but was not successful. I was so lost until I found Cambridge. Cambridge was like an Angel. I could not believe the results that I was getting. UNBELIEVABLY TRUE. I started Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) by consuming 1 sachet a day for 10 days. Thereafter I increased it to 2 sachets a day for another 10 days. I had also began working out in the gym. Initially it was just light walks on the tread mill. Gradually I increased the pace & intensity of my workout focusing on cardio exercises. Within just 3 weeks, I had lost about 6kgs. Feeling confident & motivated I then decided to go on sole source. I felt great with every kilo lost. I was losing an average of 9kgs a month. My body started to transform. The shape of my face also started changing. I began to see my veins on my hands appearing. People whom I know were shocked to see the transformation I was going through. Some of them could not even recognize me anymore. They told me that I also look fairer. My face looks clean & shinning. Personally, I felt lighter, not lethargic, sleep less hours, energetic and does not dose off anymore during the day. My health tests are all showing remarkable improvements. My medications have also been reduced in dosages. All of these positive results have encouraged & motivated me to strive on with Cambridge Weight Plan & exercise more in the gym.


Now I can think of the many things that I have wanted to do but couldn't due to my weight problem previously. "Am I dreaming?".... No! I can now do all the many things which I could only imagined doing before. I am now looking forward to experience life in a new & beautiful way.


Many people I know have given many advices & comments. But it is only I (Myself) who can make that change to have a healthy & fit body. And the partner whom I can depend on is CAMBRIDGE. Together we have embarked on an incredible weight lost journey and regained the healthy & fit body that I had lost 17 years ago. CAMBRIDGE has supported me a lot & kept me striving to achieve the results I have today. THANK YOU, CAMBRIDGE!




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