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Ng Kwee Choo

Before weight : 89kg

Current weight : 76kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Bau Chiu Ping


My name is Ng Kwee Choo and currently I’m 51 years old. I’ve started Cambridge Weight Plan after having my 1st child where I’ve put on 20kg after birth. I used to be 56kg before pregnant. I also started using other products’ supplements. I managed to slim down but still 10 kg heavier from initial weight before pregnancy.

I know Cambridge Weight Plan in 1996 in shopping mall 1u where I found it in a pharmacy. Since then I’ve been taking it for almost 3 years. However I stopped buying because there are more diet supplementary products in the market.

I encountered many hassles, struggling with weight on and off for the past 30 years. The most critical phase was last year knowing that my blood pressure was high, sugar level was high, and cholesterol level was at risk.
I also had gallstones in my gall bladder were removed in mid may.

Everything was not feeling right. My weight was 89kg then and I believe I’m seriously overweight. I came across with Cambridge weight diet again in SJMC. I bought a starter package and took it for 2 months with 1 meal replacement. I have lost 3kg and I gained more confident.

I realized I need to do something with my weight. I’ve started 2 meal replacement for 1 month and I lost another 3 kg. After consultation with Ms Bau, she guided me through sole source which aids me greatly as I wanted to look good on my birthday in November. I have targeted at 75kg and now I managed to achieve 76kg

I never thought I can make it because of my age. But now, I feel great and more confident.


Before                                               Now
High sugar level                              - Migraine improved
High Blood pressure                       - Sugar level improved
Cholesterol level in risk                   - High Blood pressure improved

                                                          - Cholesterol level improved 




Nor Amalia Kasim

Before weight : 67.1kg

Current weight : 57.9kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Wan Najidah Binti Wan Hassan


Before Health Problem

1. Sinus
2. Asthma
3. Hypertention – 149/96
History of Weight Loss Programme …
- Start CWP program on February 2015
- Before CWP programme –  more than 4 slimming centre and another slimming product
- Lost weight – 9.2kg (current weight : 57.9kg)
- Preparation step with step 3 (1 week)
- Continue CWP program with 1000 kcal per day
- Follow the step 1 (sole source) – 10 days only on December 2015
- Improve sinus problem and Asthma also.
- High blood pressure normal (120/80)




Rozaini Bt Hamzah

Before weight : 82kg

Current weight : 67kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Elaine Pang


Actually few reasons why i want to control my weight. So that can wear gorgeous dress like others, and also plan for my second baby. I can continue this diet since we'll celebrate for hari raya.


1. Loss 15 kg
2. From M – XXL _ XXL - M
3. Hormone imbalance
4. Improved high cholestrol




Lee Pak Keong

Before weight : 81kg

Current weight : 70kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Joanne Ang


When I met Joanne last year September, she looks much slimmer and younger compared to before. So, I decided to give a try Cambridge Weight Plan products. I’m started in October 2015, at that time I set my target to lose 12kg with a healthy look.


After try out for two months with appropriate exercise, I managed to reduce two third of my target. In order to determine the difference, I went for full medical check-up. From the result compared to a year before, an obvious reduction of my cholesterol, acid urine, blood pressure, etc.


Another obvious changes is my exercise performance has increase more than 205 after try out this product for two months, partly is my body is much lighter, another reason I feel more energetic, can exercise longer period.


By end of December, I have to change all my shirts and pants and reduce my consumption of Cambridge Weight Plan products after achieve my target weight.  From now on, change my habits by reduce carbohydrate and oily foods. Manage to maintain my weight since then.




Dr Sagir Alva

Before weight : 83kg

Current weight : 69kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Dr Firuza Begham Binti Mustafa


I am 39 years old and working as a lecturer. I am very active in community and social work, associate with a lot of meeting, gathering and of course eating activity. I have very limited time to work out and exercise. My daily routine and lifestyle is unhealthy and my weight continues increase and reached the peak at 83kg. Ten years ago my weight is 65kg and suitable to my height of only 165cm.


Excess weight make me feel tired and my blood sugar levels increased. Due to overweight, I had knee injury and pain which is very uncomfortable and disturb my daily work. I try to consult doctors and nutritionists about my weight problem. Doctors and nutritionists recommend to a strict diet, but the process is not easy and slow, with a strict diet (only apples), weight loss that I get an average about 1kg in a month.


Besides that, I attempt some other options such as acupuncture and drinking herbal tea. But the results are not satisfied. Meeting my cousin was important moment in this journey, as she introduce product "Cambridge Weight Plan". At beginning I doubt about Cambridge product, because I guess that would be similar to the products which I had tried. But after looking at the evidence - my cousin sister lost significant weight, I gain confident and my doubts disappear. After using the Cambridge product, my weight dropped dramatically i.e. from 83kg to 69kg, reduced 14kg in a month! Without any by physical exercise. It something impossible and unimaginable to me.


Today, my health status is improved; no longer knee pain and lethargy. All my sickness as bloated problem, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and pre-diabetes symptom disappear. Based along the results of blood tests in the lab, my blood sugar, cholesterol and Hb1C all are in normal range. Many miracles happen on my health, for example I heal from chronic melena which I suffer for about 10 years. It was fantastic. Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan to bring back my health to me!



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