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Ng Jun Yun (Yjone)

Before weight: 58kg

Current weight: 52.2kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Julie Tang



Before Weight Loss

Improvement after weight lost 

  • Back acne
  • Cure
  • Moderate Tired
  • Energetic
  • Self-confident low
  • Good
  • Inactive
  • More active





Chuah Chia Han (Jasmine)

Before weight : 83.1kg

Current weight: 70.5kg

Year: 2017


Consultant: Julie Tang



Before Weight Loss

 After Weight Lost Improvement

  • Immune system low, always sick
  • Healthier now
  • Moderate Tired
  • Energetic
  • Sinus
  • No more
  • Lazy and not active
  • More vitality
  • Moody, mood swing fast
  • Ok now
  • Regular anxiety attack
  • Ok now
  • A lot of Pimples on face
  • Better complexion
  • Cannot Squad for long
  • No problem at all





Dr Choo Yeun Mun 

Before weight : 83.8kg

Current weight : 68kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Dr Firuza Begham Bt. Mustafa


Improvement : Self image confidence. Given me the courage to dream and the confidence to make my dream of becoming a much slimmer me to come true.


“Teach me, teach me” was my first word when I first encounter Cambridge Weight Plan. It was during a chance meeting with a friend whom I have not meet for ages. I could not recognize her at all and her transformation was most amazing on that otherwise uneventful sunny afternoon. I have read many stories about “celebrities” great transformations but when it happens to a normal person who loves food as much as you and me, it bring the perspectives down to earth and that uneventful sunny afternoon becomes magical. My friend’s name is Dr. Firuza and she is one of the many inspiring Cambridge Weight Plan success stories.


We all have our own personal narratives, how our lives got spiral to where we are…“The Big Girl Stories”. Like many of you, I have been chubby and active my whole life. My mother would contest to her last breath that “I am just a big girl because I have big bones” and “I am not a fat girl”. Like many ladies, dieting and keeping weight in-control has been part of my life for a very long time. As time goes by, the problem slowly advance beyond just the weight issue and affect other part of my health. My weight will only get harder to manage when age set-in and metabolism start to slowdown. Hence, I recognised that it is best for me to take actions on my weight the sooner the better. I requested my friend and consultant Dr. Firuza to share all Cambridge Weight Plan information with me.


I have been on many diet plans before, some works and some don’t. “Been there, done that” would be my comments on most diets. I am a scientist by profession and I am very pleased with the transparency of Cambridge Weight Plan. Many of the weight-loss plans are shrouded in secrecy and the transparency of Cambridge Weight Plan only increases my confidence and interest. The Cambridge Weight Plan ingredients and plans are available on public domains and the information were back by scientific studies. I managed to conduct my background studies, evaluate and compare Cambridge Weight Plan with other dieting plans, and finally make an informed decision.


I text Dr. Firuza two days later... “I want to lose weight, please help me”. When Dr. Firuza came to weigh me the first time… Oh lord, save me. I was shocked beyond believe, I weight 83.4 Kg. I supposed “weight” got better of me and have an upper hand now. I know I was heavy but it is hard and humbling to accept that I was this heavy. My Cambridge Weight Plan journey begins on that day. Someday I lose more, someday my weight refuse to budge but perseverance and patience with Cambridge Weight Plan always resulted my weight going on a downward journey.


My dear friend and consultant Dr. Firuza always tease me about only aiming to lose 5 Kg only. I have since lost more than 10 Kg, able to wear a UK size 12 dress, and planning to lose another 15 Kg or more. Cambridge Weight Plan has shown me the possibility of a much slimmer me and open up a whole new world of possibilities. Cambridge Weight Plan has given me the courage to dream and the confidence to make my dream of becoming a much slimmer me to come true.






Ng Mong Wei (Tracy) 

Before weight : 72kg

Current weight : 54.7kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Elaine Chua


My name is Tracy; I am a mother of 2 children. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) while I am pregnant for a second child and after given birth, I was diagnosed with Thyroids Overactive. During medication, my weight was gained non-stop. In the past 3 years, I had tried many methods to lose weight and went to many slimming centers too but still no effect and results.  I even not dared to take a picture or go out meet friends; I used many excuses to reject them.


Until the end of last year, I was going to give up until I met Elaine Chua, my CWP Consultant. So, I decided to give myself a last chance to try on it. I choose Cambridge drink is because it was so flexible and convenient.  In fact, my working hours are not fixed and caused my eating, not on time. Therefore, I only need to bring my tumbler and 3 packs of my replacement meals in sachets packing into my bag. I only need to use 3 minutes to prepare my one meal hence it helps me a lot even how busy I am.


I was so surprised by the results; I lost 2.5 kg in my first week. I totally cannot believe it, but these results give me new hopes.  One month and one month passed, I start gaining back my confidences.


Many people asked me, “Hey Tracy, are you on diet? You look great!”  I remember on July 2016 my house was having a full moon party; I was shocked because my dad reached my house and asking me; “Where are Ah Wei (my nicknames)? “  I told my dad; I am! My parent, my relatives and my friends cannot recognize me at all.


During checkup in hospital, my PCOS and Thyroids Overactive reports show under control and my doctors also happy with my transformations.


Until now I have still consumed Cambridge as a maintenance. As results, now I am from size XXL to XS/S. At the end, I need to buy new clothes; first round XL size, second round L size and third round M size. The more troublesome is, I need to alter all my nice dress and gown but I’m happy with it.


Here I want to say thank you to Netturul Cambridge and my consultant Elaine, she gives me a lot of support and advice during the programmed I go through.


Don’t wait, choose CWP and ACTION and you will see the RESULTS. 





Vincent Teh Ren Cheng

Before weight : 94kg

Current weight : 80kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Joanne Ang


Losing weight has always been a constant tug-of-war experience of which I always succumb on the losing end. My job being in a commercial line makes traditional healthy diet program or weight losing exercise regime a failure due to my hectic schedule. I am a staunch believer that through a healthy living of regular exercise and balanced diet is the most reliable and safe way of losing weight.


I have been frequently introduced on numerous speedy weight losing mechanism and so-called fat burner pills which I've come across those who are taking it not only do not progress much but yet experiencing negative side effects. These horror stories fueled my skeptism when I was first introduced to Cambridge weight management program. However, our consultant, Ms. Joanne clearly explained the entire process which seemed very effortless but yet addresses my concern on side effects. The various flavours and combination of shakes and soups make the weight management program and an enjoyable experience.


The results are almost instantaneous with a few kgs shed in within 2 weeks and by the 3rd month, 14kgs vanished. The outcome has been memorable as physically and mentally I felt stronger. Ever since then, I am able manage my weight and hence achieve my desire to live a heathly living.





Sangar Nallappan

Before weight : 94.6kg

Current weight : 79.1kg

Year : 2017



Wan Haslinda Wan Yusoff



Before weight : 66.3kg

Current weight : 55.8kg

Year : 2017



Consultant: Siah Tiong Kiat


My name is Sangar and I am 54 years old. I was always a very thin person from young keeping below 65kg as  I had to keep thin to cope with a serious spinal injury since the age of 15 which even caused me a temporary paralysis in June, 2000.


But from the age 32 years onwards,  I took it easy and started gaining weight and was always above 80kg. It got worse once I was married. Though my wife was equally thin keeping below 52kg,  both of us steadily gained weight together and rose higher than 90kg & 65 kg respectively around June last year. This had tremendous impact on my spine injury and had caused lots of trouble to keep my legs strong. My surgeon was very disappointed and often remind me to reduce weight all the time. My mum was so worried that I might have serious health complications and often remind me too reduce my tummy and weight before something serious happens to me.


My wife too got so fed up that her clothes were getting tight so fast that her wardrobe was full of new clothes that could not be worn at all. So much so, she had to give away new clothes with even price tags on to our friends and family members as it got tight even though she could wear it at the point of purchase.


We got so frustrated with ourselves further. Finally, tobattle our serious weight gain and fitness issues, we even signed up with one of the leading fitness centre in October 2015 and had even engaged Personal Trainers to help us battle our weight gain and fitness issues. But by then we were hovering between 93-96kg and 65-69kg respectively. Despite spending more than RM10,000.00  on our gym workouts since November 2015,  all we could manage was just maintain our weights in that region but our bodies were unable to cope well and our health was affected. My mum was still worried.


We then recalled Ms.Angie, our friend and wife’s hair stylist who was always looking bigger in size since 2010, had suddenly gone super thin from 2012. Out of curiosity, we inquired her secret. 


It was then she spoke about Cambridge and Mr. Siah Tiong Kiat, her consultant. Her story sounded interesting and inspiring to both us and so we took down Mr. Kiat’s  contact number.


However, we  never called him thinking it could be a costly weight reducing plan and we might not be able to afford the cost. So, we just kept his number in our contact list for three (3) years or so.


We got worried sick of our health issues and finally decided to call Mr. Kiat sometime in July 2016. He was so surprised that we kept his number for three years and did not call earlier.


We finally met on 7 August 2016 in Subang Parade and he gladly introduced Cambridge to us. We were then 94.6 kg and 66.3 kg respectively. We were so afraid to meet him and so we did some extra work out before meeting him to ensure we were not overly fat. He was very happy and surprised too that we kept his number for three years although we did not call him.


Upon listening to him and his inspiring talk, we gave him our commitments to go rapid on Cambridge from August 7 2017 for at least one month. We did it. Wow, to our surprise, we reduced about 8kg & 5kg respectively.


We felt super good and have ever since been on Cambrige until now. We don’t cook anymore. Our electricity cost reduced. Our meals cost reduced. We spend about RM 1500.00 per month on Cambridge products but this was in fact much cheaper than our meal cost before Cambridge. We are now so committed. Our friends and family members are surprised that we look thinner and younger. Our tailor was super surprised with reduction in size as we had alter our newly made clothing’s by many inches. My mum and doctor are super happy and encourage us to reduce further.


I now wear size M-Slim Fit from XXXL T-Shirts before and pants around 38-39 from 44 inches. My wife too is now using size S from L before Cambridge. Many says we are looking younger now. Ms.Angie too is happy for us and we are trying to keep up with her slim size too. 


We are super happy to have met our consultant and his daily concerns and reminders on meals without fail since August 7 2017. He is simply amazingly committed that we had to take extra trouble to even write this story and have accepted that Cambridge will always be part of us in keeping and healthy for the rest of our life. 


Thank You So Very Much Kiat. You Made A Big Difference In Our Lives.




Marilyn Gwee Hui Mei

Before weight : 81.5kg

Current weight : 55.5kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Alice Thong




I’ve lost 26kg in 5 months! From XXXL size to M Size!
Body Age YOUNGER BY 17 YEARS! My body fats had also dropped from 38.6% to 28.8% ONLY Through Cambridge Program, I have the best nutritious food program with a HEALTHY LIFESTYLES! NO MORE MEDICATION FOR LIFE!



I have been overweight my entire life. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t trying to lose weight. At 16 years old, I had my gallbladder taken out. Weighing 75 kg and had tried to lose weight with fad diets, and other meals replacement program and had experienced the ‘yo-yo’ effect thereafter.


My dreams of becoming a TV model commercial was only a very short period when I managed to lose weight when I was 18 years old. But at the age of 23 years old once again, my weight piling up much faster, harder to lose, harder to maintain.


In my mid 20’s, my dad went into a stroke, as being the eldest in the family, I took the responsibility to take care of family business. With tremendous pressure and stressed, I went into depression, took slimming pills and went into anorexia. Hospital has also become my 2nd home. Clinic and Pharmacy had also turned into my monthly routine visits. You can always find all types of medication in my handbag. Pills had become my buddy.


My journey has been a long one of many ups and downs, tough times and exciting times. Over the years, I just kept gaining weight and not really caring about how I looked. I became comfortable and the weight piled on.


I nearly Year 2014 my menstruation stopped. I was only age 40. I was going through hot flushes, migraine, tremendous mood swing and heart palpitation. The reason Doctor explained to me was that my liver wasn’t healthy due to excessive of slimming products and unhealthy diet programmes I had done before that causes my hormonal issue. My cortisol production was very high due to stress too which add on to my current health situation.


With my health condition, Doctor advised me not to do aggressive exercise and put me on hormonal medications, cholesterol, antidepressant and migraine pills. I was taking almost 30 tablets a day with the combination of Chinese and Western medications.Hence, medicine again becoming my buddy, I was unable to run, exercise, dance, walk faster. I am out of breath most of the time. Each month I will gain around 4kg


I was very emotional and traumatic when got to know my best friend wedding in May 2015. Throughout the years we both had planned that I will be her Maid of Honor looking at my best in her wedding, and all plans all just shattered. I was angry with myself as I look HORRIBLE!


I became very unhappy with my life and myself. I was very overweight and a very insecure person. Health was getting worst … I really started looking at myself and my life and knew I could NOT make changes with my own strength. I prayed for God’s help to connect me with the right product and make me a healthy person as my health is at risk when the early year 2016 Doctor wanted to add on Hypertension medication. I decided to take charge and take control of my own health.


A friend of mine referred me to Alice Thong for advice to start on Cambridge Weight Plan Program, little did I know it changes my life forever.

I changed my paradigm mindset shift. Instead of using the WORD DIET, I called it reinvent my new lifestyle!!!


In the first month, I lost 10.3kg and within just 5 Months, the weight came off and I was getting fitter and lighter each day, I lost 26kg in total. My body age is younger by 17 years old. My Visceral Fat from 12.5 down to 4. And I had a new found lust for life! I was feeling the best I had ever felt in my life and wanted it to continue and never change, but only ever to improve.


As I progressed and achieved each milestone, I began losing weight safely and properly. This, of course, leads to other amazing outcomes such as a sense of achievement and feeling as if I could do anything I set my mind to, both personally and professionally.


Increased energy levels and how much healthier I was appearing to be, which really helped me remain focused. I have tried very hard to improve all areas of my life. By the grace of God, I can honestly say that I am motivated to continue my journey and to see where life takes me!


Staying active, for the FIRST TIME in my life, I never felt so excited. Seeing my results and wanting to maintain them really helps motivate me too! I never want to go back to where I was!


My life is so different now! I’m happy, healthy and fit! I’ve been able to accomplish so many things since I’ve lost weight.


Don’t give up! I’ve had ups and downs but I kept moving forward. Try to stay active to the best of my abilities. My best friend constantly reminds me to stay accountable since I have embarked into this profession and aimed to be one of Cambridge consultant to help others.





Mitchell Waterworth

Before weight : 86.7kg

Current weight : 77.2kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Rebecca Laleng Lucas



Before weight loss

Improvement after weight lost

  • Neck 15.5 inch
  • Neck 14 Inch
  • Hip 46.5 inch
  • Hip 46.5 Inch
  • Waist 39 Inch
  • Waist 34 Inch


  • 5 week drop XXL to L




Jacinta Yau Chea Wun

Before weight : 80kg

Current weight : 70kg

Year : 2017


Consultant: Vincent Chiew


Before : Sluggish and fatigue. Even getting out of my car is a hassle. Depressed.

After Improvement : Regain confidence


Hello, my name is Jacinta Yau. I am 24 years old this year and today, I weigh at 73KGS at the height of 164CM. I have lost a total of 7KGS on my CWP program in the past 2 months.


First of all, I am a full-time Cambridge Weight Plan consultant. Although I am a weight management consultant to one of the most astounding brand and company in the market, I was struggling to maintain my own weight. For me, I had full knowledge on what I was doing to my body. I have to admit, I had no discipline in terms of having a proper diet. I just ate whatever I wanted, at any time I wanted. I told myself, “Why not? I am at the prime of my youth where I am supposed to enjoy life!”. I did not think of the consequences. I guess it was also because I took advantage of the fact that I knew I will always have Cambridge Weight Plan as a solution to my health at the end of the day.


Due to a lot of procrastinations and distractions I had in my life, I watched as the number on the scale went up, and up and up. Not only did that effect my health, It affected a lot of other factors in my life. I began to feel very sluggish and fatigue all the time. Even getting out of my car was a hassle. I was also less focused and unorganized in my job. This led to me avoiding my customers because I was embarrassed of how much weight I have gained. My sales dropped tremendously and had thoughts about giving up on this business. I started to feel depressed. I basically self-medicated with more food. And in all, in 3 years’ time, I managed to gain a whopping 30KGS.


I felt that I was letting everyone around me down. I was feeling demotivated and lost. But it all changed when Vincent Chiew was assigned to me as my Senior Consultant. With his never-ending support, help and guidance as well as an amazing work attitude, I felt inspired to make a change. He showed me that all we need to do is persevere. And so I did. He was the push that I needed and although I have not achieved my weight loss goals yet, because of Netturul and Cambridge Weight Plan, I am now on the right track to the life that I want. Together with perseverance, I am looking forward to the amazing journey that I will have with Cambridge Weight Plan as a user as well as a Consultant to help others achieve their life goals.


Thank you! 





Lim Ming Huiy 

Before weight : 97kg

Current weight : 83kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Joanne Ang


I am a tall, big built and overweight. I have tried many diet plans and also workout but was never consistent in maintaining my weight after that. I love eating good food and sometimes I eat more than my body requires. Hence over the years, my weight bloomed from 75kg to 90kg (last weighed in year mid-2015. I did many things to shed those weights off such as detox, jogging, hiking but still it didn’t do much difference to me. I even took other supplement for weight loss but I was still not losing the weight I want. I felt very miserable and have very low self-confidence. I was unable to fit into dresses that I like and even look sloppy in shirt and jeans. I have very busy work schedule and was previously studying on weekends as well. Hence I never had time to spare for exercise at all. Some people say it’s all about time management I know. But perhaps I was just so occupied that during my free time I would just want to stay home and rest and do nothing. 


In January 2016, I was introduced to Joanne Ang (CWPconsultant) in Sri Hartamas. She weighed me and to my surprised my weight has hiked up to 97kg. Never did I expect to be so heavy as I always thought with my big built is normal to be slightly overweight. I had lots of things going on in my mind. I was skeptical at first and thinking this is another weight loss product that will just be the same as the other products which I’ve tried previously. After some thoughts, I agreed to give it a try and followed the plan lay out by Joanne. It was difficult at the initial stage as I have to keep myself away from all the temptations. Maintaining no salt, no oil, no carbo and no sugar intake in my food was the biggest challenge ever. At one point, I wanted to give up as I felt I was missing out a lot seeing my friends eating such delicious foods. But thanks to the continuous guidance and support of my consultant, I manage to shed off 14kgs thus far and currently weigh 83kg.

Below is the plan I follow with minimal home exercise:

7am      – 1 sachet of Shake

10am    – 2 half boiled eggs

12noon – steam vege with grilled chicken or salmon

4pm      – 1 sachet of Shake

8pm      – 1 sachet of Shake


I do not feel hungry at all as I am taking small portion but frequent meals. If I do feel hungry in between, I will snack on almonds, walnut or cashew nuts in a small portion. Taking at least 3 litres of water is very important as well to keep my body hydrated. I am more cautious about my food intake now and will know how to identify what I should be eating and what I should stop eating.


I am now able to fit into my old dresses and office wear which have been in my wardrobe for a long time. Friends and family members noticed the change in me and that makes me feel much more happy and confident. I hope to shed another 10kg’s to achieve my target weight at 73kg.


Thank you Cambridge! 




Norhadiana Abd Hadi

Before weight : 59.5kg

Current weight : 54.4kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Wan Najidah Binti Wan Hassan


During program of CWP…

- Start CWP program on 24th February 2016.
- Lost weight 5.1 kg after consume CWP in step 3 and step 4 – 2 month - (breastfeeding).
- Before CWP programme – conventional diet (no loss weight).
- Still during program for weight loss.
- No Hungry, energetic.
Body Fat Analysis








Weight (KG)




Body Fat %




Body Age












Visceral Fat




Subcutaneous Fat (Whole Body)







Skeletal Muscle (Whole Body)







Waist (INCH)








Low Li Ling (Eva)

Before weight : 60kg

Current weight : 48kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Jeff Wong


Start my Cambridge diet since November 2015. Unlike other protein drink, Cambridge does provide lots of favour. That’s also one of the reasons which enable me to constantly taking it without getting bored. I did not take the aggressive way by taking 3 shakes per day whereas I just took 2 shakes per day together with a normal meal.


It was pretty hard for the first 3 days as I am not used to just having some liquid things as a main course. Things get better for the days after. Unlike others, Cambridge shakes actually made me feel more energetic and feeling healthier. Well, the most exciting part is I was losing weight slowly without bouncing back. I was 60kg as at the end of October 2015 and I am now 48kg as at 27th April 2016 even though I am now just taking the shakes as breakfast sometimes or even skipping that. My body fat drop to standard level and it helps to build body muscle as well.


In short, this will be the best and affordable diet that I will recommend to my entire friend. 





Gayathri A/P Muniandy

Before weight : 106.4kg

Current weight : 90.8kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Jeff Wong


I started my Cambridge Weight Plan in the month of December 2015. Since I started my day with Sole Source for 2 weeks , I saw the results tremendously. I unlike other  weight loss program which I try before course.


For the first 3 days I feel hungry & dizziness , but after the day 4 I regain my energy , I feel strong.


In 2 week  time I lost 7kg, I feel confident with my results. People start asking me what’s the secret of my weight loss !


I use to buy XXL cloths size, now I buy XL cloths.


I’m very happy with this product , I will keep it up to loss another 15kg.


Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan Transforming my life& Thank to my consultant Jeff Wong to guilding me.   





Suganthy Shger

Before weight : 75.1kg

Current weight : 60kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Jeff Wong


I was struggled with feeling miserable as a result of being overweight. I never left the house because I wasn't satisfied with the way I looked, my self-confidence was very low. I had tried a variety of diets. I had tried every one out there and failed at them all.


After trying Cambridge weight plan. I quickly noticed the positive changes. The very first day, I felt so much more energy, I had lost 10kgs in 2 months and people wanted to know what my secret was. I feel so good. I fell more confidence in myself, my clothes size drop from XL to S in just 5 months’ time. My eating habits change to healthier, my life style become more balance now.


My friends and family are shocked looking at my tremendous weight lost, especially some of strangers don’t believe I’m mother of 2 kids.


I absolutely love these products and will never stop taking them.


Thank you to my consultant Jeff Wong  guide me along this success.





Goh Giin Yi (Kelly)

Before weight : 78kg

Current weight : 68kg

Year : 2015



Tan Yong Liang


Healthy is Wealthy Asset : In this year, 2 family members are admitted in hospital which was due to aplastic anemia and chronic disease. I ‘ve to be healthier and stronger in order to take care of my families members.


Be Modern and sexy mummy : After deliver, outlook looks like aunty and husband start make noise and complaint. Even my grandmother always laugh at me……


Lack of  Confidence: people always asking why become like that….


•  Lose 10kg
•  Increase confident level and more presentable whenever I go and wear.
•  Feel more healthier and more energetic.




Penny Leong

Before weight : 107kg

Current weight : 76kg

Year : 2015



Cheng Yue Xian


   Since I was a child, I wasn’t an obese kid. Just that my parents think we should absorb healthy normal meals than junk foods so there were no candies, chocolates etc exist in our home. So when eating so healthy by the time I hit age of 12 puberty time, my body expanded like a balloon.


   Since then I became a chubby girl. Heavy weight is a long term issue for me especially with my height. My family even my parents always used to call me giant cause I was so tall and heavy. As a teenage girl I can’t have normal social life like my friends. Till then I hit the age of 18 my sister actually took up the effort to help & guide me to loose weight and it succeeds for a short time a period and bounce back really quickly.


   Year 2013 The upmost serious stage after married and gave birth to my daughter, I totally gave up on losing weight till I weigh 107KG. I don’t go out like normal people do I just buy a lot of fast food & take away to stay home and eat. I don’t social cause I’m embarrassed of how “giant” I am.


   Until Year 2014, my dearest sister introduce my now Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant: Cheng Yue Xian. At that time i am reluctant due to few product’s consultant wasn’t really care of how I lose weight but only want to see the ­­result & get more sales out of me. And I felt sorry for making her feel not good because of that reason. But her true kind heart continuously giving me her sincere advice and care even I haven’t start purchase any of the CWP products.


   It doesn’t take long time that I was moved by her sincerity of helping me, I start CWP as replacement for 1-2 meals daily. Just one week I see good result. After few weeks of replacement, I tried 5 days of Sole Source program immediate effect I dropped 5KG. with this result I have great confidence in CWP product and i am 76kg now. A total lost of 32kg in 1.5 years.


   CWP not only is a weight loosing product but is a full nutrition product for our daily consumption. After I loose so much weight I even voluntarily signed up gym center not only to tone up my body but after the transformation I realize I need to start a healthier lifestyle instead of being a potato couch. I see so much difference after weight lose especially physically:


Knees: I don't have any knee problems before I start Cambridge cause I rarely purposely walk or stand. any chances I get I would be a potato couch and could sit for hours. but once started Cambridge and go for work out especially treadmill I could hear my knee joints screaming yelling for help. all those weight pressure on it step by step. as well as my pinky toe.


Sickness: Minor flu is my regular visitor. been having nose problem for such a long time.  every early morning woke up till reach office sure sneeze none stop. and almost 2-3 month average sure fever.

Due to obesity, not only physically body is barely presentable but whole outlook also look older than my current age should look. facial skin also the same. I think it's lack of proper nutrition because always eating fast food which contact God knows what u know what I know what but still I eat it like daily meal.

And now I've become more confident of myself not only being able to look good physically but mentally I was positive enough to have a healthier lifestyle. CWP transformed my life into a whole new level which nobody imagined I could be.  Thank You CWP. 




Normala Binti Hashim

Before weight : 65.4kg

Current weight : 55kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Julin Tang


   I never thought that I would be among other overweight women fighting for weight problem when I reached 30’s. Being fat is not fabulous at all. In fact, it’s absolutely hurtful and shameful.


   I started gaining weight by the end of 2014 due to sundry contributing factors; age, hormonal imbalance, hectic lifestyle, poor digestive system and sleeplessness just to name a few.  From 56 kg, the kilos piled up alarmingly until early 2016. Throughout those restless years, I tried to combat my weight by trying lots of assorted diet plans, diet pills and other related supplements but my attempts to improve the condition were of little avail. All my clothes became tight and people began to notice my bulging shape and keep on asking what had happened to me. The worst part was when one of my colleagues joked about my size which she said I was as hefty as her who was pregnant during that time! Of course it really hurt me because I was not married yet but deep inside I took her words as a challenge in order to console myself. I just told her that I would get back in shape soon. Nevertheless, it never rains but it pours. The effects of being overweight were tremendous. Besides suffering from painful knees and short of breath when climbing the stairs, my menstrual cycle was also affected. It was late for almost two weeks which I considered as unusual. I almost gave up without knowing what else I should do to counter those ceaseless problems until one day something crossed my mind. I suddenly remembered the slimming product that one of my friends used to consume two years ago that was CWP. I just told myself that it would be my last resort.


   After contacting the branch, I was introduced to Julin Tang, my supportive consultant. During our first meeting in early January 2016, we had a long discussion regarding my deteriorating health. Julin convinced me that all those problems could be curbed by consuming CWP. After completing the first five boxes of CWP, my weight as well as my health showed some improvements dearly. I managed to shed 2 kg, my menstrual cycle improved profoundly where it went back to normal, my painful knees were perfectly cured and I even became more energetic. The most unbelievable thing was the long strain inside my right eye (accidentally poked by the edge of an A4 paper a few years ago) healed just like that! Without doubt, I proceeded with my second five boxes because my target was 55 kg. Thank God, the scale showed more and more decrease and I could not wait to see it change to 55 kg! Migraines and gastric also faded away and I started to sweat a lot even though when doing light activities; something which never happened before. My family also noticed the changes in me and they supported my effort ceaselessly. After 10 boxes, my mission was successfully accomplished and both Julin and I were over the moon. I felt more confident with myself and could wear back all my previous clothes. I even shared my experience with some concerned colleagues who were eager to know the secret of my weight loss. In order to maintain my present weight, I continued consuming another five boxes of CWP.


  Now I’m glad to announce that I am among those successful women who managed to free myself from weight problem and transform into a better one.  I strongly believe that when there is a will, there is always a way. Kudos to Julin Tang and of course all credit should go to Cambridge Weight Plan. Thanks a million for realising my dream and others’! 




Dr. Maria Jonas

Before weight : 98.5kg

Current weight : 83kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Chu Sat Yoon


Hi I'm Dr Maria, I want to share with you my experience using Cambridge Weight Plan loss programme.Due to my job nature I always have irregular eating time and work pressure. I was previously active and was 68kg however i continued to gain weight after medical school. i also feel tired easily and had no energy. I did try several product and method, but i did not see any results. One day, a friend told me about CWP. I decided to take action to call them to make appointment for further program information Miss Chu, who is my consultant, explain the program and the product effectiveness to help me achieve my ideal weight target. The product helped me loose weight last and also i was able to become confident with myself. Another strong point of cambridge is its convenient and can be carried around during oncalls and also trips abroad.

Before I start Cambridge Weight Plan, my body weight around 98.5kg. I follow the step 2 and steps 3 plan around end of June to Nov 2015 and my body weight already down to 83kg. From December to March 2016 I was on maintainance which allowed me to eat as well as maintain my weight. I am planning to achieve my goal of 70kgs. Not only did i lose lose 15kg, now I feel more energetic. My family and friends have also noticed the change in me.

I did recommend Cambridge Weight Plan to everyone as i certain of the results. I will continue to use

this weight control program to my ideal target.


Thanks Netturul CWP & Thanks Miss Chu




Anna Lee

Before weight : 61kg

Current weight : 55kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Shanice Kong


I have been slim all the while and have never been fat before. Even after delivery of my baby, I slimmed down fast and never had any problem with my weight. As age catching up and pressure from work, I started to eat a lot and couldn't control my appetite. 


My slim curvy shape is gone and my clothes size went from S to L. I've tried many ways including going to slimming centers but nothing can help me.


I was introduced to my consultant Shanice through a friend who has successfully lost weight and what really amazed me is that her shape is very nice and not flabby.


I started the program together with my husband. He has lost 15kg in total. He stopped taking cholesterol medicine and his medication for hypertension has reduced as advised by doctor. 


My weight went from 61kg to 56kg in less than 2 months. I am surprised how fast the result took place and everybody at work started asking how I became so slim in such a short time. 


I've regained my confidence thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan. I am now still consuming it as nutrition and maintenance. 





David Low

Before weight : 88kg

Current weight : 76kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Shanice Kong



Ever since I was young, I was always tall and slim. 20 years ago, I was only 68kg with 183cm height. I was underweight.


I used to work night shift and have cultured the habit of taking supper and late night meals. Due to the lack of food selection, I've always gone for instant noodles or mamakstalls.


I've gained 20kg over the years. I became a heavy big belly fatty. My shirt size has gone from M to XXL. I have to wear big size loose shirts to cover my tummy.


I am a profession master of ceremony and my big belly has limited the choices of clothes where my job requires me to be well dressed most of the time.


I take 5 meals a day and constantly feel hungry. I cannot cope with the hunger, so I eat and eat and eat. I discovered that I was pre-diabetic and it worries me as my mother is a diabetes. I want to lose weight but I just can't stop eating.


My wife Shanice started Cambridge Weight Plan program 2 years ago. I've seen how fast she lost weight and decided to give it a try. My 5 meals per day became 2 meals per day with 2 meals replacement with Cambridge Weight Plan. It was so effortless as I don't feel hungry and I don't have to look for food early morning or during the wee hours. The tastes were good.


I've lost a total of 12kg in 5 months. My VFA went from 12 to 7. I have a healthy BMI and my fasting sugar is back to normal.


I no longer have heel pain, back pain after long hours of standing. I have no more skin rashes and my sinus problem has improved. My energy is good and I no longer feel sleepy and tired most of the time. People around me are amazed how I lose my big belly and I look much younger now.


Now I can dress any way I want and it really helped me a lot in my field of work. I can dress smart and look smart all the time. Thanks to Cambridge Weight Plan. My life is transformed and I'm new person now.




Esther Nirmala

Before weight : 80kg

Current weight : 65kg

Year : 2015



Joanne Ang Cheng Lui


It is with great pleasure and excitement about my consultant share her knowledge and expertise has helped me to grow and learn. 
I want to emphasize that I was a "plump fat" person. It was difficult to lose body fat especially VFA and now "I did it! I lost 15kilos" with CWP. I am so grateful to my consultant Joanne and proud. 

Improved health, increased energy, more confidence and fun shopping were some of the benefits that I experienced after losing weight.  My weight loss gave me a happier healthy life. 

It truly takes a long time to achieve certain dreams and aspirations. Sometimes we get knocked down and hurt ourselves. Giving up is always an option open to us. Grabbing that as an opportunity is open to us. It is our call. Most important is to keep going. No matter how difficult it is, and no matter how much abuses hurled at us we have to keep going. It's tiring yet every now and then fruitful. So, giving up wouldn't be an option on my plate anymore. The constant struggle is staying on track. I've realized that being fit isn't a short term plan but a lifestyle change. 

Where do I begin? I guess like anyone else, bigger than I wanted to be and unhappy. All my life from school to university, I was always weighing normal and active person. Everything changed after my first pregnancy. The bright side started getting dimmer and dimmer, though after I had my fourth C-section. I weighed 80 kilos and I felt like a blob. I had absolutely no energy. I had hit my all time lowest self-esteem. No physical activity. Low metabolism rate with wrong choice of food, eating habits increased my body weight especially after my fourth child and having two going school boys my eating time went hay wire which leaded me to severe gastritis too last year April. 

Last year end October, I remember sitting in my couch browsing Facebook and that's where I came across my consultant Joanne's post in FB bout "loss 10kg in 10 weeks"

I spoke with my husband and told him what I wanted to do. He supported me wholly and I rang up Joanne, got in touch with her and made an appointment. She came over on the 2/11/15. While on the CWP I've formed a bond with my fabulous consultant. She has been my conscience and a great encourager. I'll never forget our first visit, I made her well aware that I may not lose weight but inches. And she said, " well, why don't we wait and see".

Well, guess what?

I ate well, worked hard, waited and reached my goal. 6 months later now, I've surpassed my original goal for a total of 15kilos. People in my church and friends started asking, "How"? and my simple answer is CWP. 

I went from "body loathing" to "body loving", and it is definitely because of my hubby, CWP and the support from my great consultant,  Joanne Ang. "I AM HERE ARRIVED". 

The sky is the limit, there is no going back. Thank you CWP.




Noor Lela Mohd Jadi

Before weight : 60.7kg

Current weight : 54kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Shirley Tsu


After having my first baby in 2004, I gained 8kg. At 60.7kg that was the heaviest I ever been. Then a friend introduced me to Cambridge Weight Plan. Unlike any other diet plan, I found CWP was practical to my busy schedule. Just shake it for few minutes and a complete meal is ready for you. Even though CWP is a low calorie diet, I do not feel starving and I can still perform my daily activities that include going to the gym 3 times weekly.


I started replacing breakfast and lunch with CWP during weekdays and eat normally for the rest of the week. And yes, that’s include Nasi Lemak and Curry Noodle. Being on diet plan while not sacrificing your favourite meal is definitely a bonus point.


It took me 6 weeks to lose 6kg and 10cm on my waist alone. I would never been happier when people start to notice. Since then, CWP has been on my diet whenever I feel like losing weight. It was so easy just like switching ON the weight lost button and switch it OFF back once you’re happy with the result.


In 2009, I delivered my second baby. During confinement, I consumed CWP as supplement and to my surprise it enhanced my breastmilk production as compared to my first pregnancy. 8 weeks after delivery, I managed to eliminate my pregnancy weight gain which about 6.7kg and back to office with my pre-pregnancy body of 54kg.


It has been 8 years now since my first experience with CWP and I never look for any other diet plan. CWP provides the energy and nutrition that I need without taking so much time to prepare. I have always been a fan of the CWP Chocolate Mint flavour shake since it is so delicious. Thanks to my dear consultant Shirley Tsu for providing the best service to me for all these years.





Jaya Seri A/P Selvarajah

Before weight : 87.9kg

Current weight : 78kg

Year : 2015


Consultant: Shirley Tsu


Here I would like to share some story about my slimming journey with CWP. But before that I would like to share about my past and what I’ve gone through. Alright, by nature it’s a dream for every girl to be looking slim, pretty and healthy. So the same goes to me as well but unfortunately I wasn’t fitted into the shoes according to my dreams because of my weight problem. Reducing weight was always my desire and this drove me to try many methods to reduce my weight but I didn’t achieve the results that I wanted.


Together with that, I gain weight tremendously from 68kg to 96kg within a year of marriage. Adding to that I also diagnose with PCOS and this issue really brought me into depression whereby I couldn’t conceive a baby and fit into any of my favorite cloths. So I’ve started to look for some solutions to reduce my weight. With that I’ve tried few methods of losing weight such as “XX Body Life”, Gym and consuming some slimming tea’s. I manage to lose some weights through above mentioned methods, however it didn’t last long. At one point of time I really gave up on all this slimming methods and back to my emotional eating habits.


As people always said “Where there's a will, there's a way”, so I came across with this CAMBRIGDE WEIGHT PLAN (CWP) via my friend’s video on her Facebook page. So I gain some confidence and started to believe that god always there to show me a way to achieve my dreams. I gain confidence after saw the success story of my friend on how she have transformed into a healthy person and those CME being held in hospital with involvement of NADI. That gave me trust to this product that it is safe and healthy to consume. I’ve started my CWP on 3th March 2016 whereby my initial weight was 87.9kg. I was on sole source program and I manage to lose 4.8kg in 14days and subsequently I manage to reduce 7.4kg in a month time. The meal is very easy inconsumable and it’s very mobile to carry wherever I go.


During this program, I’m feeling more energetic and exciting. I feel very happy and proud of myself whenever people say that I have lost weight and looking way smaller compare to before. I been receiving compliments from all my friend and bosses on how I look at the moment. I been up here with all the support from my family and friends. My health conditions also improved so much whereby my period has been regular, not only that but my knee pain have gone and I feel my body is much lighter.


Until today with this CWP, I’ve lost about 10kg in total and I want to continue this CWP until I achieve my dream weights. In the past I struggle so much to reduce 1kg in a month but when I know I could and able to reduce 10kg in two month, it’s a feeling whereby I couldn’t describe it by words. I would say the happiness is infinity and I am waiting to fit into all those S/M size clothes and bye to XXL size. CWP proved it is possible to reduce and achieved your desire weight. ANYTHING AND EVERTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH CWP. This also makes me very confident of conceiving my first baby soon. I’m being so thankful to knew about this CWP whereby it’s can help everyone to achieve their dreams and being healthy. Finally I would like to say that CWP will be very helpful for those who are fighting obesity. My best wishes to everyone.

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